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Responsible Roaming

A Guide to Traveling Sustainably.

While it’s one thing to understand what sustainable travel means, it’s another to actually put it into practice. If your goal is to make your next trip more sustainable check out these small ways you can roam more responsibly!

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If your goal is to make your next trip more sustainable, keep reading for small ways that you can make a BIG difference for Planet Earth. 

1. Be Kind to Nature

Rentschler Forest

Leave the parks and natural areas the way you found them ---- or better! If you see a piece of plastic drifting through the wind or garbage littering the ground, dispose of the waste properly. There are always garbage cans and recycling bins nearby!

Looking to become one with nature and experience the outdoors? Below is a list of some of the beautiful nature areas to explore here in Butler County: 

2. Shop Sustainably

Scripted Studio Tote Bag

Keep your dollars local! By buying products at farmers markets and sustainable boutiques, you can further reduce your carbon footprint and support local artisans at the same time. Butler County has multiple markets hosted around the county with fresh produce, organic groceries and locally-made goods.

Below is a list of a couple local sustainable shops you can find in Butler County. 

  • Liberty Farm Market (5850 Princeton Road | Liberty Township)This local market is home to cooperative partners with the mission to bring healthy, organic foods and lifestyle products to the community. It's a great place to find organic, high-quality grass-fed beef, wine, produce, and other locally-made artisan goods. 
  • Scripted Studio (306 Main Street | Hamilton): Owner of the shop, Carrie, makes it a priority to offer sustainable products, such as her locally-made tote bags, recycled gift wrapping, and quality products that are made to last.
  • Wildfire Hygge Home (127 N Second Street | Hamilton) Business owner, Sarah, carefully curates all of the products sold in her store to prioritize locally-made, high quality, sustainable items. 

3. Use Efficient Modes of Transportation 

Hamilton Bike Ride

Though all modes of transportation require energy, some are more efficient and cleaner than others. How you get to/from and around your destination makes a difference. 

Once you’re in your destination, consider taking the bus, walking, or cycling around town instead of renting a car. If you do rent a car, opt for an electric, hybrid, or smaller model.

4. Slow Down and Stay a While 

Miami University Art Museum Oxford

Slowing things down will allow you to immerse yourself in the culture, build deeper connections with local people, and get to know the destination’s unique charms. Sit down at a mom and pop restaurant to taste the local flavors. Spend a day walking or cycling around town, and you’ll be sure to discover hidden gems. Wander through a museum and arm yourself with a mountain of fun facts to take back home.

5. Conserve Water and Energy 

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Beyond transportation, tourism also relies on energy for heating, lighting, and electricity. When you’re on vacation, do what you can to conserve local water and energy resources. Turn off the lights, TV, and any other electronics when not in use. When leaving your hotel, turn off the AC or set the thermostat a few degrees higher. Keep your showers as short as possible. 

Take a look at some of the accommodations available in Butler County!

6. Avoid Single Use Plastics 

One of the most common plastic items used by tourists is single-use beverage bottles. Luckily, there’s a simple solution: bring your own reusable water bottle on your trip!

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Another easy way to reduce plastic waste is by changing your eating habits. When going to a restaurant, dine-in rather than getting takeout which typically comes with plastic bags, containers, cups, and utensils. In general, it’s best to eat fresh, local foods or drinks instead of imported ones which tend to use more packaging. Even something as simple as asking the bartender to skip the straw can help trigger larger operational changes. 


We hope you enjoyed these tips and are feeling inspired to #GoGreen for your next getaway!

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