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It's Time to Visit Scripted Studio in Hamilton

There’s a certain magic that comes with receiving a card. Especially one with a message that truly resonates with you. Knowing that someone took the time to think about you and write it down can mean the world. At Scripted Studio in Hamilton, you can throw kind words around like confetti with their cute cards, sweet stationary, and delightful doodads.


The cards you’ll find at Scripted Studio are anything but typical. Vibrantly designed images with bold fonts proudly display words of affirmation or hilarious notes. Or simply, a giant magical unicorn is painted on the front and you get to decide what’s said inside. Sometimes all you need is a unicorn to express how you feel. 

Delightful Doodads


Scripted Studio owner, Carrie O’Neal, has a “deep, deep love for stationary, paper, and pretty little things.” The shop just feels so alive with color and beauty. A wall with generous strokes of reds, blues, and purples makes the whole shop feel like home. Carrie’s been a graphic designer for 17 years and wanted a space to spread out and share the power of beautifully designed cards. Her design studio is in the back and the retail shop is upfront. 


Learn Calligraphy & Hand Lettering from a Pro

Carrie teaches hand lettering and calligraphy classes at Scripted Studio! She’s curated a space that fosters creativity and authenticity. It’s exactly the kind of place that encourages you to try something new.


Tell people what they mean to you in a meaningful, endearing way with cards from Scripted Studio.


Scripted Studio

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