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The Richard and Carole Cocks Art Museum at Miami University's collection of public sculpture was influenced by many of the movements in art that characterized the 20th century, and examples of geometry, materials, and expressionism are found in all the pieces located on the museum grounds. The museum is free to visit and makes a for a beautiful walk outside year-round!

For Kepler

1996, by artist Mark di Suvero

Miami University Art Museum Sculpture Park, For Kepler

This sculpture serves as the unofficial greeter to incoming visitors as its one of the first things you see entering Oxford. The flexible design and the sculpture's title is reflective of the scientific ties this sculpture has to Johannes Kepler, 16th century mathematician, astronomer and astrologer. For Kepler combines ideas of art, architecture, geometry, and astronomy. 


1979-1981, by artist Nancy Holt

Miami University Art Museum Sculpture Park, Star-Crossed

Artist Nancy Holt was well-known for her sculpture, installation and land art. This earth sculpture is based on the observation that true north and magnetic north meet at this longitude in Oxford. The earth mound is also a reference to the Native American mounds around the region. Star-Crossed features a reflecting pool, a skyward observational tunnel, and a large tunnel to walk through. 

Three Storms

1993, by artist Barry Gunderson

Miami University Art Museum Sculpture Park, Three Storms

This bench sculpture is made of aluminum, and designed to produce a representation of the artist's fascination with rain clouds. The inspiration for Three Storms came from interest in natural history and science. "Back then, I was trying to capture the clouds. Now I am letting them rain on us," Gunderson said in a quote about the piece.

Folded Circles Two Squares

1980, by artist Fletcher Benton

Miami University Art Museum Sculpture Park, Folded Circles Two Squares

Located at the entrance of the Miami University Art Museum, this piece is part of a larger two part series of sculptural works called Folded Circles and Folded Squares. You can see how Folded Circle Two Squares could be "unfolded" or reconstructed into the original circle. It was installed by Fletcher Benton himself in 1980, as a Miami University alum who graduated in 1956 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts.

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Miami University Art Museum, Oxford Ohio