Image of a sculpture at Pyramid Hill visible from across a body of water

Sculptures to Amaze

Looking to get outdoors and explore unique artwork?

Look no further than Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park! This 300+ acre outdoor park features pieces dating as far back as 1500 B.C. and is a fan-favorite in the Greater Cincinnati area. Here's your guide to some of the fantastic pieces on display at the park, and the history behind them.


Artist : Bret Price

A sculpture featured in Bret Price's Leverage installation

Photo Credit : Pyramid Hill

From now through the end of September 2022, stop by Pyramid Hill to check out contemporary artist Bret Price's 10-sculpture installation! Price created a collection of bent steel pieces to convey a sense of unexpected movement and balance while confronting the challenges of the materials he uses. 

The General

Artist Unknown

The General sculpture sits in Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

Photo Credit : Pyramid Hill

This carefully-carved sculpture has been a central focal point for guests of all ages at the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park! Marvel at the wonders of this mysterious and poignant figure on your next visit.

Torre 2

Artist : Alexander Liberman

Torre 2 sculpture

Photo Credit : Pyramid Hill

This tall yet delicate statement piece was carefully crafted by Alexander Liberman using painted steel back in 1989, and is sure to amaze guests of all ages.

The Cube

Artist : Tony Rosenthal

The Cube sculpture

Photo Credit : Pyramid Hill

Artist Tony Rosenthal sculpted this incredible piece using painted aluminum in 1994. It is a popular piece to take photos with.

Euclid's Cross

Artist : Michael Dunbar

Euclid's Cross sculpture

Photo Credit : Pyramid Hill

This magnificent display of balance and craftsmanship was created by Michael Dunbar in 2003, and is entirely made of steel.


Artist : Alexander Liberman

Abracadabra sculpture

Photo Credit : Pyramid Hill

This perfectly balanced sculpture was created by fan-favorite artist Alexander Liberman out of painted steel in 1992.

Adam's First Breath

Artist : Sam Mckinney

Adam's First Breath sculpture

Photo Credit: Pyramid Hill

Forged from bronze and granite, this detailed piece was created by Sam Mckinney in 2001 and is considered one of the park's most iconic pieces.

Cincinnati Story

Artist : George Sugarman

Cincinnati Story sculpture

Photo Credit : Pyramid Hill

George Sugarman designed this colorful and youthful sculpture out of steel back in 2001 for guests of Cincinnati to enjoy, and it is a crowd favorite more than twenty years later!