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Welcome to Oliver's Toy Chest— not only a fun toy store, but also an incredible tribute to 10-year-old Oliver Robbins who had a deep love for toys and collecting. David and Samantha Robbins opened their son's dream store in Hamilton, Ohio in Oliver's memory. 

Oliver's Story

The Robbins family was forever changed when Oliver was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in November 2020. He received treatment over the following year, including a bone marrow transplant. During his treatment, Oliver began collecting toys and it quickly turned into his favorite hobby. 

Oliver's Toy Chest, Hamilton Ohio

His parents say Oliver had a huge personality and loved a little bit of everything, but he specifically enjoyed vintage toys, 90s collectibles and anything horror themed. 

Although he was in remission at the time, Oliver passed away from a complication from a bone marrow transplant in October of 2021. David and Samantha opened his dream store in May of 2022, on what would have been Oliver's 11th birthday. 

Oliver's Toy Chest, Hamilton Ohio

Photos, portraits and murals of Oliver cover the walls in the toy store. David and Samantha say he would have been so proud of how their toy store turned out. The goal was to create something special in Oliver's memory.

"His knowledge was vast and he knew a good deal when he saw one. This is something very special that we did together and will continue to do for our sweet boy," the Robbins' say.

Funko! Pop, Oliver's Toy Chest

Just as Oliver would have liked, Oliver's Toy Chest has a large horror theme as that was his favorite genre. Family friends helped to paint the walls of the shop with characters and scenes from popular horror movies— everything from Ghostbusters to Pennywise the clown. 

Toys + Collectibles

Alongside horror, Oliver's Toy Chest also carries a wide variety of popular brands and collectibles. Customers can shop Pokemon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Super Mario Bros, and even an entire wall of Funko! Pop toys.

Stuffed Toys, Oliver's Toy Chest

Price points vary, especially for more rare collectibles or vintage items. However, David says their target customer will always be kids who can come in and enjoy, so they offer a ton affordable action figures, plushies and toys as well.

Toys and Collectibles, Oliver's Toy Chest

Stop by Oliver's Toy Chest on Main Street in Hamilton to support a small business and experience a special place built for a super special kid. 

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209 Main Street | Hamilton, Ohio

Open Tuesday through Friday, 12 - 7pm | Open Saturday 10am - 7pm

Oliver's Toy Chest, Hamilton Ohio

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