The Wicked Wick, Curiosity Shop

Spark Curiosity at The Wicked Wick

Eccentric, charming and metaphysical... this art studio and boutique is always full of wonder.

The Wicked Wick, Middletown Ohio

Find handcrafted candles, original art, beautiful jewelry... and all around curiosity! The Wicked Wick is most easily summed up as an all around curiosity shop. When old friends Trey Pitts, Tammy Combs and Gery Slamka recognized they shared the same passion for art and an ethereal style, they decided to get a combined art studio in the Pendleton Art Center. Studio 113 is their working studio, but also doubles as their boutique selling a variety of artisan goods, vintage items, and overall— things to spark curiosity. 

 Handcrafted Candles

The Wicked Wick keeps their studio ever-evolving with new products— new art, antiques, and whimsical wonders of all sorts— whatever Trey, Tammy, or Gery find fascinating. A staple in the shop however, is their handcrafted soy candles. 

Artisan Chakra Candles

Trey first got interested in the creation of candles, and eventually taught himself how to make his own by watching tutorials on YouTube. Now the three friends all create candles together, always experimenting with new scents and unique combinations, like their popular Chakra Candles pictured above. 

Among a variety of the staple scents that are always available like Dragon's Blood, The Wicked Wick also offers seasonal scents— all made of soy, meaning they will burn longer than the usual paraffin candle. 

Art of All Kinds 

Located inside of the Middletown PAC, The Wicked Wick is surrounded by art of all mediums. Featured on the wall right outside of Studio 113 is a captivating array of photography.

Infrared Photography

For years, Trey worked professionally as a photographer specializing in infrared photography— a unique and rare style. The photos displayed are available for purchase, and feature a wide range of scenes both locally and from Trey's travels. 

Vintage & Artisan Jewelry

The other primary product at The Wicked Wick is a large selection of jewelry, including an eclectic mix of vintage pieces, local vendors, and handmade jewelry by Trey and Tammy. 

The Wicked Wick Jewelry

Customers can find a variety of styles, materials and price points, so there's a little something for everybody. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings— there is an incredible amount of diversity, from crystals and stones, to antique pendants and intricate beadwork.  

All Around Curiosity

There is no telling what you may find at The Wicked Wick— you can also find fun novelty items, like Harry Potter wands, Game of Thrones bookmarks, tarot cards, leather journals and more. 

"The most important thing for us is that our customers feel comfortable to explore and find things that they can't get anywhere else," Trey says. It's definitely worth a trip for anyone who wants to make new discoveries, has an eccentric style, and enjoys sparking curiosity! 

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Studio 113 in the Pendleton Art Center | 1105 Central Avenue | Middletown, Ohio

The Wicked Wick, Curiosity Shop