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StreetSpark Murals Beyond Utility

17 utility boxes brighten up the streets of Hamilton, Ohio.

StreetSpark was founded to further the creative identity in Hamilton, Ohio through exciting murals and public art projects. The program creates engagement by producing high quality art, providing opportunities for local artists and enhancing the visual appeal of the city. Learn more about the 17 utility boxes below!

Colors of the River

Location: Rhea and B Street

Colors of the River Utility Box

Credit: StreetSpark

Designer: Sarah Hynfield

This utility box design is a love letter to color and the joy it can inspire. This piece was created in hope that it might brighten the day of folks passing by!

Windows for Hamilton

Location: Pleasant and Hooven Ave

Windows for Hamilton Utility Box

Credit: StreetSpark

Designer: Michelle Furr

This artwork comprises four distinct stained-glass motifs that capture the essence of craftsman, mission, prairie, and art deco styles. These designs are harmonized by a shared color palette. They serve as a homage to the architectural heritage of numerous local residences and the area's rich tradition of producing stained glass and windows.

All Aboard!

Location: MLK and Hanover St

All Aboard! Utility Box

Credit: StreetSpark

Designer: Kiera Fisher

The idea for this mural comes straight from the train that cruises by it. As kids, trains were like pure magic, zooming past and leaving us in awe. This mural design is intended to capture that amazing kid-like feeling. The community is filled with so much diversity, so the artists wanted to highlight this through the girl's race and give representation to Black/Hispanic people. 

Welcome to Hamilton! What's your Sweet?

Location: High and Third St

Welcome to Hamilton! What's your Sweet? Utility Box

Credit: StreetSpark

Designer: Sarah Daniels

Hamilton provides a wide array of delightful desserts. These locally-owned establishments are linked with scrumptious treats and hold significant places in our recollections: commemorating victorious home runs, marking graduations and birthdays, embarking on the donut trail with family, and sharing updates with friends. These instances collectively infuse our lives with added sweetness.

Eye of the Day

Location: Second St. in Rotary Park

Eye of the Day Utility Box

Credit: StreetSpark

Designer: Linda Augutis

This vibrant floral pattern seamlessly complements the adjacent "Taking Flight" mural and the diverse sculptures within Rotary Park. Daisies, which are a native perennial, embody the essence of spring and friendship in the local context.

Sweet Summer

Location: Main and D St

Sweet Summer Utility Box

Credit: StreetSpark

Designer: Nicole Chance

The purpose of this utility box design is to inject a burst of color and optimism into the passerby's experience. The striking geometric motif and lively hues ensure its distinctiveness in the surroundings, representing unwavering courage. Its abstract form also grants viewers the freedom to discern their own profound interpretations.


Location: High and Second St

Retro Utility Box

Credit: StreetSpark

Designer: Missy Blake

This dynamic and animated abstract pattern brings a lively touch to this corner, infusing it with a modern burst of vibrant color.

Simply Bold

Location: Main and C St

Simply Bold Utility Box

Credit: StreetSpark

Designer: Katie Fee

This timeless yet bold floral arrangement evokes a sense of gentle happiness and tranquility. It embodies concepts like growth, transformation, renewal, and beauty. While flowers may seem uncomplicated, they carry immense significance.


Location: Park and D St

Kids Utility Box

Credit: StreetSpark

Designer: Brett Hartsfield

"Kids" is crafted to mirror the diversity of children in the area, symbolizing the emerging generation. The aspiration is that a child encountering this box will recognize their worth and visibility within the community through its depiction.

Stamp Collector

Location: Court and Front St

Stamp Collector Utility Box

Credit: StreetSpark

Designer: Emilie Abrams

This design seamlessly integrates the neighboring post office by incorporating the motif of postage stamps and showcasing numerous iconic landmarks from Hamilton.

Power of One

Location: High and Monument Ave

Power of One Utility Box

Credit: StreetSpark

Designer: Victoria Wheeler

Inspired by the monument's stained-glass windows portraying women's wartime roles, this design's colors echo the theme. The dragonfly symbolizes transformation, while two vertical winged women reflect the cultural shift toward female empowerment. To extend this idea, the artist arranged diverse depictions of women's hands uniting to form a universal human heart image.

Cardinals in the Birch Trees

Location: Main and Eaton Ave | Fire Station 24

Cardinals in the Birch Trees Utility Box

Credit: StreetSpark

Designer: Lori Kay Farr

Depicting Ohio's state bird, the red cardinal, two large mosaic-style paintings of these birds are positioned against a vivid sunrise backdrop. They stand amidst a cluster of birch trees, renowned as pioneers symbolizing renewal and progress – qualities the city has embraced in recent years.


Location: Monument and Market St

Prost Utility Box

Credit: StreetSpark

Designer: Paul Loehle


This design celebrates a community's German roots and river connection. It humorously portrays the unpredictable Canada goose, resembling a human with an Oktoberfest hat. The hat nods to the German Village, Municipal brewery, and local bars. The flip side features a hop, nodding to the brewery scene, while the festive flying V and colorful stripes highlight diversity and festivity.

Butterfly Abstraction

Location: Main and F St

Butterfly Abstraction

Credit: StreetSpark

Designer: Julia Lanham

By utilizing abstract representations of butterfly wings, this design aims to emphasize the critical decline of pollinators in our current world. This subject demands attention due to its far-reaching consequences, including food scarcity and the potential extinction of specific species.

Here Comes the Sun

Location: High and Front St

Here Comes the Sun Utility Box

Credit: StreetSpark

Designer: Ashley Houchens

"Here Comes the Sun" is inspired by my magical experiences at RiversEdge amphitheater, immersed in music and river sunsets. The sunset motif evokes the 70s starburst, coupled with music notes radiating out. Side panels feature elements from Heritage Hall, including cloud and field imagery from Hamilton Mill door cutouts, reminding us of the city's embraced beauty.

Expressions of Power

Location: High Street and MLK Blvd | Traffic Signal Cabinet

Expressions of Power Utility Box

Designer: Anissa Pulcheon


This design wraps the utility box, offering a dynamic view from all angles. It captures the timeless essence of girls' power, joy, and creativity amidst evolving fashion. Celebrating diverse women is a recurring theme, not limited to special occasions. This daily celebration features patterned attire, charming details, and falling confetti. Creating art honoring diverse women and gender-fluid individuals is crucial due to societal neglect. Amid dismantling harmful systems, lighthearted art adds joy and delight to this endeavor.

Changing the World, One Kid at a Time

Location: Main and B St | Traffic Signal Cabinet

Changing the World Utility Box

Designer: Brent and Lavelle Billingsley

This design is a collaboration between a father and son artist duo. The background art comes from Brent Lavelle Billingsley II, an 11-year-old from Hamilton. His father, Brent Billingsley, portrays his son in the foreground, symbolizing Hamilton's diversity. This team's artistic journey extends to various community projects with organizations like HYPE and across Greater Cincinnati. The mural embodies Hamilton's youth exploring their creative voices.

Learn more about StreetSpark and their artwork here!

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