Sunflower Field, Jackson Family Farm
Things to do

Spend Time with Sunflowers

Visit these 5 stunning sunflower fields...

Fall is finally here in Butler County, Ohio and that means gorgeous sunflower fields. Wander throughout the fields and even take some home with you— but don't wait, sunflowers are only in bloom for a short time!

1. Burwinkel Farms

4359 Hamilton Cleves Road | Ross, Ohio

Sunflowers at Burwinkel Farms

2. Barn-N-Bunk Farm Market

3677 Wayne Madison Road | Trenton, Ohio

Sunflower Field, Barn-N-Bunk Farm Market Ohio

3. Jackson Family Farm

6760 W Alexandria Road | Middletown, Ohio

Sunflower Field, Jackson Family Farm Ohio

4. Pippin's Produce at Liberty Farm Market

5850 Princeton Road | Liberty Township, Ohio

Pippin's Produce Sunflowers, Liberty Farm Market Ohio

5. Niederman Family Farm

5110 Lesourdsville West Chester Road | Liberty Township, Ohio

Sunflower Field, Niederman Family Farm Ohio