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Sweden Creme - Now Open!

Dixie Burgers, Soft Serve, & Nostalgia

Every town has their go-to local spots for ice cream, and Sweden Creme has been a Hamilton staple in the world of soft serve and Dixie burgers for years.

The Dixie Burger

Dixie Burger

It would be very difficult to have a conversation about good local burgers in Hamilton without mentioning Sweden Creme’s famous Dixie Burger. Dixie Burgers are sliders topped with sautéed onions, mustard and a pickle on a soft, steamy bun. These sliders continually have people coming back for more - and it's hard to have just one! They pair well with any sweet treat you choose.

Ice Cream & Other Treats

Ice Cream

Sweden Creme has a fantastic lineup of soft serve ice creams, but the sundaes that they offer are even more impressive. They offer sundaes like the Deluxe Turtle Sundae, the PB&J Sundae, Ballpark Sundae, and many more. You can find some a variety of flavors of Dole Whip on the menu too!

Nostalgic Atmosphere

Sweden Creme Store

From its bright exterior to its wide-ranging menu, Sweden Creme gives off a very nostalgic feeling that you would expect from a local soft serve ice cream shop.

Visit Sweden Creme

2047 Pleasant Ave | Hamilton, OH