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Top 10 Donut Trail Tips

Get ready for the sweetest of adventures!

Gather your family and friends to explore 13 mom-and-pop donut shops located in Butler County, Ohio. Complete the official passport by collecting a stamp at each shop to earn a sweet T-Shirt reward.
We've put together 10 top tips to help you make the most your Donut Trail experience. 

1. Get the Official Passport

Donut Trail Passport

Get the passport and a trail map at Each trailgoer will need their own passport! Get your passport stamped along the way to earn the official T-Shirt! Passports are also available at each of the Donut Trail shops.

  • Large print and braille passports are available at Travel Butler County.
  • Celebrating a birthday on the trail? Download a special passport for the birthday traveler.

2. Call the Donut Trail Concierge

The Donut Dude

Want help planning an amazing adventure? Reach out to a Donut Trail expert at 513-860-0917 weekdays from 8:30a.m. to 5p.m. They'll be happy to assist you with planning a route, finding a place to stay, and sharing other Butler County adventures.

3. Make it a Weekend Getaway

Box of Donuts on Donut Trail

Photo Credit : @jcpeats

The Donut Trail is open for travel and can be completed at your own pace. Keep in mind the trail is self-guided, so you can start and finish wherever you'd like. Visiting 13 donut Shops in one day can be a bit of a sugar-overload, so many trailgoers like to make a weekend out of it. We recommend planning for at least two days, but it is possible to complete the trail in one day with a very early start. The Donut Trail typically takes 4 hours to complete in one morning if you start before 7AM.

4. Gather Your Crew

Family on Donut Trail

The Donut Trail is best enjoyed with friends and family! Who will you ask to accompany you on this sweet adventure?

5. Rise and Shine with the Donuts

Family on Donut Trail

Make sure to set your alarm early! Donut Trail shops may close once all the sweets are sold out, which can happen as early as 10 a.m.

6. Find a New Favorite

Man on Donut Trail

Credit: @jcpeats

Get ready for a delightful experience because there is an incredible variety of unique flavor combinations to discover. Make sure to ask each shop about their specialty donuts and be adventurous by trying something you haven't had before!

7. The Perfect Pairing

Coffee and Donut

Donuts taste the best when you have them with a nice cup of freshly roasted coffee or a cold bottle of milk. Many stores offer locally-sourced, fresh milk with unique flavors like cookies and cream, cotton candy, or coconut. Give them a try and see which one you like!

8. Save Donuts for Later

Donut Trail Box of Donuts

When exploring the Donut Trail, feel free to savor treats for later. Fill up a box at each shop, or pack food storage containers for your journey!

9. Get Your Free T-Shirt

Butler County Donut Trail T-Shirt

After your passport is fully stamped, visit Travel Butler County to get your tee. If you prefer, you can also mail your passports to Travel Butler County and we'll mail your shirts to you. Completed passports can be mailed to:

Travel Butler County
8756 Union Centre Blvd
West Chester, OH 45069

10. Share Your Experience

Donut Trail Signs

Every trail shop has a unique donut sign inspired by hiking trail signage. Look for the signs and share them using the hashtag #DonutTrail. The signs make for the perfect group photo op!

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