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Tour The World's Largest Train Journey

Visit EnterTRAINment Junction to discover the world's largest train display.

Looking for a full day of family-friendly activity? Look no further than EnterTRAINment Junction. With multiple indoor attractions, seasonal specials and events all year round, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Known best for their Train Journey, you can experience the largest train display in the world covering 25,000 square feet— and train connoisseur or not, you will be amazed by the sheer size and detail of the entire journey. 

All in the Details

All together, the train display features 90 large, G-scale trains that run on over 2 miles of track. It's a panoramic and interactive journey, and goes through three distinct times in U.S. history. What's most impressive, is the entire display was handcrafted by volunteers. 

EnterTRAINment Junction, Ohio

The complete journey consists of...

🌱 19,000 gallons of scenic grass & dirt
🌳 6,000 handmade trees
🚂 5,000 track solder joints
🚦 20,000 electrical solder joints
💦 1,800 gallons of water
🏢 1,000 structures built from scratch
🔌 15 miles of wiring 

Push the Buttons

As you make your way through each section, you'll learn about the evolution of transportation and engineering and the incredible effects it has had on our world. The journey begins in 1860 and takes you on an adventure to present day. 

EnterTRAINment Train Display

Along the way, you'll come across multiple buttons in each part of the different exhibits. It takes the display to a new level; make sure to press each one to get the full effect and experience the incredible craftsmanship!

The American Railroad Museum

Another fun and educational opportunity featured in the train journey is The American Railroad Museum. Perfect for any age, this completely interactive museum explores what railroading has meant to the history and development of the United States.

EnterTRAINment Railroad Museum

The World's Largest Train Journey also includes the Coney Island display, Imagination Junction, Great Train Expo, and the Marble Display. While you're there, you can also check out EnterTRAINment's A-Maze-N Funhouse and shop around at Junction Hobbies & Toys

Visit EnterTRAINment Junction

7379 Squire Court | West Chester, Ohio

EnterTRAINment Junction, West Chester Ohio


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