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Unsung Salvage Design Co.

It’s hard to know what’s ‘cool’ or ‘in’ on any given year, season, or even day. It can switch from repurposed to modern, to one-of-a-kind, to handmade rapidly. When you think of each of these design aesthetics, you may think that one place wouldn’t be able to encapsulate them all. However, Unsung Salvage Design Co. has nailed each category in their awesome Hamilton storefront.

Unsung Salvage Storefront


Simply put, the team at Unsung do a lot. They source eclectic antiques and one-of-a-kind vintage items, refinish and build furniture, as well as screenprint tees with attention-grabbing designs.

Unsung Salvage Interior


I met a man who wears many hats, Dondi Carder. He is best described as owner, screen printer, carpenter, and a cool guy.

Unsung Salvage Owner


He first started screen printing around 2000 as a hobby. Unsung Salvage Design Co. launched in 2012. Back then they were making shirts from their garage to sell on Etsy. People loved their designs, and several years later they unlocked the doors to their first retail space. Many of these sought-after designs were from the imagination of Dondi’s brother, Justin. 

Unsung Salvage Store


Screen printing is a complex process that makes for a beautiful end product. It is performed by applying layers of colored inks by hand, in a meticulous and involved process. While Dondi just got a new system, it still respects handmade aspects of the classics.

Unsung Salvage Press


One of Dondi’s favorite interactions with customers is “live printing.” Grab a tee or tank, pick a design, and have custom threads in a matter of minutes. This personalized work can be found in the shop, and out and about during Hamilton events, such as the Hamilton Flea.

Unsung Salvage Shirts

Unsung Salvage Operation Pumpkin


The Unsung team has a passion for repurposing. In addition to their popular shirts, furniture and home décor, is a beloved aspect of their business. Taking the old and making it new, breathes life into pieces for future generations. These items are repurposed into something beautiful, functional, and one-of-a-kind.

Unsung Salvage Mugs

Unsung Salvage Shelf


What makes Unsung, Unsung? They’re commitment to local, handmade wares with stories. Dondi does not believe Unsung would be where it is today without the integral help of his brothers Justin and Jason. Stop in to see what you discover, find your home’s next conversation piece, or snag a screen printed shirt that is sure to be a hit on your next weekend adventure. Unsung is all by hand and all local, just how Dondi likes it. 

Unsung Salvage Map

Unsung Salvage Design Co. 
212 Main St.
Hamilton, OH 45013