Platform 9¾, The WEB Extreme Entertainment
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The WEB's New Wizard Mini-Golf

Welcome to Platform 9¾ ...

Venture your way through the wizard themed mini-golf course at The WEB Extreme entertainment! This new mystical course is a complete journey through the wizarding world. Keep scrolling for an inside look.

Par 9¾ at The WEB

Laser tag, go karts, arcade games, bowling, mini-golf and more— you can find it all at The WEB. Their new mini-golf course is the perfect activity for any Harry Potter or wizard fan.

Platform 9 3/4, The WEB Extreme Entertainment

Grab your wand, a golf ball, and step into Platform 9¾. The course is complete with spell books, potions, and moving pictures on the walls. 

Wizard Mini-Golf, The WEB Extreme Entertainment

See what the wizard Sorting Hat has to say if you can hit your ball to go through the tunnel. 

Wizard Putt Putt Golf, The WEB Extreme Entertainment

Discover challenging obstacles, astounding illusions, and mystical creatures throughout the course. Keep your wands (aka putters) ready to take on every challenge.

Wizard Golf Course, The WEB Extreme Entertainment

You have nine chances to get a hole-in-one! End your journey by trying to defeat the Slytherin snake. 

Wizard Mini Golf, The WEB Extreme Entertainment

This magical course is fun for all ages and $9/person. For package deals and daily specials, head over to The WEB's pricing information.

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