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Lulu's Sweets Boutique is the new, Venezuelan and woman-owned bakery that everyone is raving about. Rosanna Ruwe started her business out of her home over 5 years ago. In November of 2022, she officially opened her first location here in West Chester, Ohio. Rosanna's goal is to always offer homemade treats that really taste as good as they look!

From the Beginning

Rosanna says she has always loved to bake, even as a child; she remembers being only 10 and enjoying making treats for her whole family. She also knew she always wanted to be an entrepreneur and studied business in college, but she didn't know she would own a bakery until March of 2017.

Rosanna, Owner of Lulu's Sweets Boutique

It all started with her Carrot Cake— Rosanna would always make it for friends and family, and it ended up being her first-ever order placed by one of her good friends. That same friend then convinced her to turn her hobby of baking into a business. 

Rosanna started off by selling homemade macarons, cookies, and custom cakes from outside of her home in West Chester. She quickly built a client base and knew a brick-and-mortar location would be in her future. Rosanna named her business Lulu's Sweet Bites after her youngest daughter Lucia, who had the biggest sweet tooth in their family. The name then transformed into Lulu's Sweets Boutique when the bakery opened in November. 

Carrot Cake Cupcake, Lulu's Sweets Boutique

Lulu's Sweets Boutique has a very modern and chic look, while also mirroring Rosanna's bright and bubbly personality. She said she spent years envisioning what her bakery would look like and the design was many years in the making. She drew a lot of inspiration from bakeries she visited around the world while traveling; she even planned some of their family trips around going to visit specific bakeries to see if there was anything she would want to incorporate into her own business.

Macarons, Lulu's Sweets Boutique

Walking in, customers are welcomed by two glass cases stocked with fresh macarons, cookies, cupcakes, and Rice Krispy treats. Rosanna says its important for all of her products to still have that fresh, homemade taste. She and her team make everything from scratch with high-quality ingredients and real butter. Even the buttercream icing is completely homemade— and it's amazing. 

Rice Krispie Treats, Lulu's Sweets Boutique

Rosanna said her personal favorites right now are the Pistachio Macaron and the Oreo Rice Krispy. You can also try her famous Carrot Cake that started the business in cupcake form or check out their weekly cupcake flavors. For special occasions, grab a gift box for a sampling of treats or be on the lookout for seasonal items; but if you're looking for something really special, a custom cake is the way to go! 

Custom Cakes

Rosanna's custom cakes are the type you'd see all over social media— incredible, beautiful cakes that make you wonder, would that taste as good as it looks? And hers absolutely do. Her talent in the kitchen and creativity come together to make some of the coolest cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, work parties, or any kind of celebration.

Check out just a few examples below!

Custom Cake, Lulu's Sweets Boutique

Custom orders can be either a cake or cupcakes and come in a wide variety of sizes and flavor customizations. You get to choose the cake flavor, buttercream icing flavor, and there are special fillings available as well.

Stack of Pancakes Cake, Lulu's Sweets Boutique

If you have a special occasion or cake idea in mind, you can check Rosanna's custom order availability on her website as well as instructions for ordering a custom cake. To place an order, email [email protected] with the following information:

1. Date of your event

2. Cake size or number of cupcakes

3. Theme or style (feel free to attach inspiration photos!)

Skyline Chili Cake, Lulu's Sweets Boutique

You really can't go wrong with a custom order or a treat from their daily selection at Lulu's Sweets Boutique. Be sure to check them out online or stop by in-person!

Visit Lulu's Sweets Boutique

7745 Cox Lane | West Chester, Ohio

Open Tuesday through Friday, 11am – 6pm | Saturday, 10am – 3pm | Closed Sunday + Monday

Lulu's Sweets Boutique, West Chester Ohio

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