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Seraph By The River, Hamilton Ohio

"An Eclectic Boutique of All Things Good"

From art to antiques, crystals and jewelry, plants, home decor, incense and so much more— you can find it all here at Seraph By The River. This metaphysical, eclectic boutique is an extension of its owner, Dawn Singleton. Dawn and her business partner, Robin Wright, also create their own one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories that can be found at the shop.

Jewelry at Seraph By The River

Dawn and Robin like to refer to the shop as an eclectic boutique of all things good.

Supporting the community and making connections is an important aspect of Seraph By The River. Dawn collaborates with many other local boutiques and artisans to offer their products in her shop as well. This includes a crochet artist from Hamilton, other local jewelry makers, clothing vendors and more. 

Shoes, Seraph By The River

Photo: One-of-a-kind shoes made by Robin Wright

Seraph By The River also carries the popular Magnolia Pearl clothing line, which can be found towards the back of the boutique. Magnolia Pearl is known for their unique clothing and accessories composed of vintage fabrics and laces.

Magnolia Pearl, Seraph By The River

This shop is Dawn's second boutique location in Butler County; her sister store, Sterling Seraph, is located in Bridgewater Falls and specializes in handcrafted sterling-silver jewelry and metaphysical crystals.

Boutique Clothing, Seraph By The River

Both boutiques offer similar products and share the same peaceful, inviting atmosphere. Seraph By The River carries more products, specifically clothing, as well as hosting classes and workshops. 

Meet Salem, Jupiter + Comet

Part of the wonderful and welcoming atmosphere at Seraph By The River is meeting the shop animals. Dawn has a big heart for animals—both of her shops are actually named after two of her beloved cats, Sterling and Seraph

While visiting Seraph By The River, you can expect to see Salem (pictured below) roaming around!

Salem the Cat, Seraph By The River

Salem is super friendly and sweet— Dawn likes to say he gives off "dog energy" with his fun personality. 

Since Salem was adopted a few years back, he has loved meeting new customers and providing even more fun around the shop. At the start of June 2023, Dawn and Robin made two new additions to Seraph by the River... Jupiter and Comet!  

Seraph by the River Birds

Jupiter and Comet are rescue Quaker and Conure parrots. They are still adjusting to their new home before they will be moved into a larger 6ft aviary once they are comfortable. Dawn and Robin want to remind customers and visitors to be patient and kind with them as they transition to their new home at Seraph By The River.

Classes + Workshops

Seraph by the River offers a number of workshops such as candle making, herb classes, hat workshops, tarot classes and readings, and more! Dawn created a large, open space in the back of the shop where the classes are held. 

Seraph by the River

You can view their current events and stay up to date on upcoming classes by following their Facebook page

Visit Seraph By The River

118 Main Street | Hamilton, Ohio

Open Monday through Saturday 11am – 7pm | Open Sunday, 11am – 5pm

Visit Sterling Seraph

3425 Princeton Road | Hamilton, Ohio

Open Monday through Saturday 11am – 8pm | Open Sunday, 11am – 5pm