What Donut Am I? TikTok Effect
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What Donut Are You?

Find out what kind of donut you are on the Donut Trail!

Have you ever wondered what donut best suits you? Find out with our new TikTok effect, What Donut Am I?

If you already have the TikTok app, scan the QR code below or view our What Donut Am I? effect. Tap the screen and discover your donut!

What Donut Am I? TikTok Effect

Check out the nine donut options below... which do you think you are?

Learn more about the Butler County Donut Trail here!

What Donut Are You?

Donut Trail Glazed Donut

Donut Trail Chocolate Sprinkles Donut

Donut Trail Red Velvet Donut

Donut Trail Strawberry Donut

Donut Trail Apple Fritter

Donut Trail S'mores Donut

Donut Trail Jelly Donut

Donut Trail Boston Cream Donut

Donut Trail Fruity Pebbles Donut

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