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Hamilton’s artistic energy fosters an incredible downtown arts and boutique scene!

Wildfire Hygge Goods is the newest member of this ever-growing family. There’s an immediate sense of calm you feel upon arrival. Beautifully crafted décor and unique pieces fill the space with originality. Described as “neutrally bohemian”, Wildfire radiates a positive & tranquil spirit.

Wildfire Pottery

Photo Credit : Wildfire Hygge Goods

Opening a downtown shop like Wildfire has been an aspiration for owner Sarah Dankhoff for as long as she can remember. While on vacation with her husband, they discussed what it would look like to make this dream a reality. 

After returning from that trip, she began mocking up plans and envisioning Wildfire’s place in Hamilton. She’s a Trenton, Ohio native with a passion for shopping local and curating spaces. Being part of Hamilton’s revival as well as their robust, women-owned small business scene has been a dream come true.

Wildfire Here Comes the Sun

“It’s really encouraging because I have at least 10 women who own businesses in Hamilton that mentor me. I came into a community that already existed and they took me and Wildfire in; it’s been awesome,” said Sarah.

Wildfire Products

The pieces in Wildfire are all incredibly eclectic. Items with words of affirmation, literary references, fun planters, jewelry, and throw pillows & blankets fill the shop with life. Nearly all of the pieces in her shop are from brands and vendors that Sarah’s used for years; and 25% are created by artists in Hamilton and surrounding areas that Sarah knows personally.

Fun Wildfire Products

Wildfire Hygge Goods wraps you up in sweater weather vibes. It’s the perfect place to shop small, source locally crafted goods, and find a piece as exceptional as the people in your life for the upcoming holiday season.

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127 N Second Street | Hamilton, Ohio