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Okeana/Shandon Entertainment

Okeana and Shandon are the ultimate destinations for unique and exciting entertainment you won't find anywhere else! Explore tons of wonderful options, such as the famous Salty Dog Car Museum, where you can catch a firsthand view of vintage cars and firetrucks that tell the story of the automotive industry's history. With new adventures added each year, you never know what exciting things you'll find in Okeana/Shandon!

Salty Dog Museum

4995 Cincinnati Brookville Rd. Shandon OH 45063
Location: Okeana/Shandon

The Salty Dog Museum takes viewers through the evolution of automobile transportation in their Shandon Museum. Featuring dozens of well-kept cars from the early 1900's which have been restored to their natural glory, this must-see museum tells the story of the automobile like never before! Here...

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