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Okeana/Shandon Indoor Fun

Okeana and Shandon are home to some of Butler County's finest indoor activities for a fun-filled day! Explore the rich history of the automotive industry with a display of vintage cars, or check out some of the other awesome businesses in the area for a relaxing and fun day inside with your crew! There's always something new to discover in Okeana/Shandon, so be sure to plan your next visit today!

Salty Dog Museum

4995 Cincinnati Brookville Rd. Shandon OH 45063
Location: Okeana/Shandon

The Salty Dog Museum takes viewers through the evolution of automobile transportation in their Shandon Museum. Featuring dozens of well-kept cars from the early 1900's which have been restored to their natural glory, this must-see museum tells the story of the automobile like never before! Here...

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