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Announcement Regarding Travel Butler County Board of Directors

Learn More: Travel Butler County Announces Two Retirements from Board of Directors


Media and Influencer News

"The Donut Trail in Butler County, OH is just what you need." – The Travel Channel

"Yes, this is a real thing that exists and it's lovey." – Food & Wine Magazine on the Butler County Donut Trail

"Inside, employees are busily taking orders, bagging doughnuts and stamping cards that’ll help customers earn a Butler County Donut Trail T-shirt." – Wendy and Mike Pramik, USA Today

"If there’s anything we learned from our short visit to Butler County it was the importance of paying attention. Attention to detail, to community, to history, and to art. It’s also important to pay attention to the towns and cities that span our country. They have many hidden treasures that are there for exploration." – Mindy Trotta, Medium

"Any city that has its own Donut Trail is reason enough for us to pack our bags. But in case your friends need further persuasion, try this..." – Perri O. Blumberg, CountryLiving.com

If you are looking for a new spot to explore in Ohio, Butler County is for you! There are so many things to do and see for both kids and adults. – A Cedar Spoon

"JUST DO IT! Get it on the calendar. This is the perfect road-trip for families, couples, friends, etc.. Less than two hours away from Columbus. I guarantee you’ll be surprised at everything Butler County has to offer. I know I was." – Megan Rivers, Eat, Play, Cbus

"We had no idea we’d find such pieces in the middle of a park in southwestern Ohio." – Nick Dekker, Breakfast with Nick

Jungle Jim’s is a food mecca, a foodie paradise, a food-filled extravaganza. A theme park of food. Honestly, I’m not sure there are enough adjectives to fully depict how cool this place is. – Fervent Foodie

The perfect blend of art, the outdoors, and history.  Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park is a MUST see for fans of art and the outdoors. – Adventure Mom

"With beautiful scenery, vibrant nightlife, a thriving local art scene, historical tours, a wonderful Ohio winery and great local restaurants, Butler County will delight your senses, entice your taste buds and share its laid-back Midwestern spirit with you, luring you back to explore more of its Ohio charms." – Heather Rader, Ohio Girl Travels

The Best BBQ In The State Might Just Be In Middletown, Ohio – Austin Coop, Cincinnati Refined

"Here’s to the donut, and to all of the mom-and-pop shops that wake up even earlier to make our breakfast special—a tasty testament to the American way." – Danny Hamen, 614Columbus.com

"The culinary options of Butler County did NOT disappoint. Add a trip to Jungle Jim’s for weird treats to impress your friends and you are sure to leave with incredible memories" – Robin Corsey, Cbus Local Love

"It’s one of those things you just have to see to believe." – Nick Dekker, Breakfast with Nick on EnterTRAINment Junction