• Dec 29

    Ice Skate the Day Away

    There is just something about being on the ice that instantly makes me feel like a kid again. The skates on my feet, hear the chatter around me, and feel that sense of invincibility reminds me of what it was like skating around the rink with my friends and family

  • Dec 20

    It Really Does Sound Better on Vinyl

    Main Street Vinyl is full of soul, authenticity, and thousands of incredible records. “Led Zeppelin is a phenomenon,” my Dad would whisper to himself as the Physical Graffiti record would spin methodically on the turntable. He and my mom would dance without inhibition to the iconic tunes that defined a

  • Dec 6

    Coffee & Connection

    It’s always obvious to me when I walk into an authentic community hangout, and True West Coffee in Hamilton, is one of them. People acknowledge newcomers with warm nods and smiles, the artwork and the walls have become one and formed a symbiotic relationship, knowing one could not exist without

  • Dec 1

    The Perfect Family Weekend Getaway

    Pack up your bags, load the car, and head out the door; it’s time for one of the best family weekend getaways in Ohio! Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend some time with the ones you love in a new and fun place

  • Dec 1

    Weekend Getaways in Ohio

    Make the most of your weekend with one of the best weekend getaways in Ohio. Ahhh, Saturday and Sunday. The most coveted days of the week. We spend most of our time wishing they would come sooner and the rest reminiscing on the memories that we made while they were