2024 Solar Eclipse FAQ
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10 FAQ About the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

Top Questions About the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse!

Learn some fun facts, eclipse history, and how you can experience totality in Butler County, Ohio!

1. What is a solar eclipse and how often does it occur?

On April 8th, 2024, a total solar eclipse will cross North America— this happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, completely blocking the face of the Sun. The sky will become completely dark, as if it were dawn or dusk.

Total Solar Eclipse, Butler County Ohio

This total solar eclipse could be your last chance to see one occur for decades to come! Total solar eclipses happen every 1 to 3 years, but the events are usually only visible from Earth's poles or from the middle of the ocean. 

2. What does it mean to be in the path of totality?

When you hear "the path of totality" it is referring to any location where observers will see the Moon completely cover the Sun. Not all states will be in the path of totality for the 2024 eclipse. 

3. Where can you view the solar eclipse?

Totality will start over the South Pacific Ocean before crossing over Mexico, into the U.S. and then ending after crossing into Canada. Only 15 lucky U.S. states will be in the path of totality, including Ohio. Butler County is the best spot to view the eclipse and experience totality in the Cincinnati region!

4. How long will the eclipse last in Butler County, Ohio?

The total solar eclipse will start just after 3pm in Butler County, and totality will last a few minutes— exact times will depend on your location within Butler County during the eclipse. Click here to use this interactive totality map by location!

The longest duration of totality possible for this eclipse is 4 minutes and 28 seconds, although most places along the path of totality will see a duration between 2 and 4 minutes.

5. Why do you have to wear special viewing glasses?

Safety is the number one priority when viewing a total solar eclipse! Because the Sun’s surface is so bright, if you stare at any portion of it— no matter how small— it produces enough light to damage individual retinal cells. You should never assume that you can look away quickly enough to avoid eye damage.

Butler County, Ohio Solar Eclipse Glasses

If you want to see what the Sun looks like during the eclipse, make sure to use solar viewing glasses that meet the ISO Safety Requirement. You can find special Butler County Solar Eclipse Glasses that meet the safety standard at a variety of local events and viewing parties around the county. 

6. Where can I find local eclipse events? 

A variety of Butler County businesses and communities will be hosting eclipse viewing parties and special events, located all around the county. Check out our Events Calendar to see what's happening and get more details!

7. What special activities will be happening for the eclipse?

Along with a variety of events and eclipse watch parties happening around Butler County, some local businesses will also have special eclipse-themed offerings for this solarbration! 

A local brewery, Municipal Brew Works, will have a specialty event beer called "Path of Totality" at their location in Hamilton. The Donut Dude, a donut shop on the Butler County Donut Trail, will have a custom half-dozen Eclipse Donut Special showing the progression of an eclipse through delicious donuts. EnterTRAINment Junction in West Chester will be offering kids their Eclipse Learning Packet that will also include a custom pair of Butler County solar eclipse glasses. Stay tuned for additional promotions and events here!

8. What are the stages of a solar eclipse?

During a total solar eclipse, observers will experience multiple unique features as the eclipse progresses. There are a total of five stages— learn about each one of them below.

Solar Eclipse Stages, Butler County Ohio

  1. Partial Eclipse – As the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, it does not completely cover the Sun at first. The Sun will appear to have a crescent shape.
  2. Shadow Bands – In this stage you will see rapidly moving, long, dark bands separated by white spaces that can be seen on the sides of buildings or the ground. This will happen right before and right after totality, although sometimes they can be very faint and difficult to photograph.
  3. Baily's Beads – As the Moon continues to move across the Sun, several points of light will shine through around the Moon’s edges. This stage is known as Baily's Beads as these light rays are from the Sun streaming through the valleys along the Moon's horizon.
  4. Diamond Ring – Once Baily’s Beads begin to disappear, eventually only a single bright spot will remain along the edge of the Moon’s shadow. Resembling a diamond, this bright ring is formed by the rest of the Sun’s atmosphere.
  5. Totality – The final stage is Totality, when the Moon completely blocks the bright face of the Sun. This stage can also reveal the chromosphere (a region of the solar atmosphere, appearing as the thin circle of pink around the Moon) and the corona (the outer solar atmosphere, appearing as streams of white light).

9. When was the first ever solar eclipse?

According to NASA, the oldest recorded eclipse in human history may have been on Nov. 30, 3340 B.C.E. in Ireland. Eclipses have been occurring on Earth long before humans walked the planet, and throughout time, there have been many interpretations of and reactions to these striking celestial events.

10. After viewing the eclipse in Butler County, what else is there to experience?

Come make your eclipse experience a long weekend getaway! Butler County is home to so many unique attractions and places to explore— from cool urban escapes to relaxing serene spots. Check out a few new adventures below. 

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Pyramid Hill Sculpture ParkEnjoy art-gazing while exploring over 300 acres of beautiful natural scenery embellished with 80+ monumental sculptures. 

Jungle Jim's International Market – Explore 6.5 acres of foodie paradise under one roof! Discover 180,000+ products from over 70 different countries. Along the way, marvel at singing robotic characters and theatrical decor galore.

Nation Road Horse RentalTake a scenic horseback ride through the trails of Oxford at this family-owned horse farm, offering guided trail rides for all experience levels. 

Local Dining – Whatever it is that you're craving, Butler County delivers. From one-of-a-kind fine dining experiences like S.O.B Steakhouse, to mouthwatering BBQ from Brent's Smokin' Butts & Grill, to delicious Brunch Spots and more, you can find a wide variety of local dining options. 

Start Skydiving Experience the feeling of flying like never before at this world-class skydiving facility. 

The Donut Trail – The sweetest adventure! Visit 13 mom-and-pop donut shops throughout Butler County, get your passport stamped at each location, and then turn in your completed passport for your Donut Trail T-shirt. 

Play Your Way – Butler County's eclectic and vibrant cities offer a wide range of activities. Looking for a little competition, an art escape, thrilling experiences, or family activities? Learn more here

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