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10 Zany Jungle Jim's Finds

Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield is often called a theme park for food...

It’s 6-acres worth of international goods from 72 different countries, the richest chocolates, strongest coffees, hottest hot sauces, and so, so much more.  

1. Take a Foodie Trip Around the World

Jungle Jim's

Over 70 countries are represented throughout the sprawling International Department, with items from Asia, Europe, South and Central America, and more filling the aisles with over 70,000 items. From unique and obscure, to childhood and cultural favorites, the World of Food comes to you.

2. Live Seafood Section

Jungle Jim's International Market


Jungle Jim’s seafood section is vast and all encompassing. Fresh catches are available each day from all over the world. If you’re curious and want to try something new, the seasoned seafood team is ready to offer suggestions and tips on how to master the dish in your own kitchen. Be sure to check out the live catfish and lobsters as well! 

3. Don’t Judge this Port-O-Potty by its Cover

Jungle Jim's Bathroom

It feels a bit strange to devote part of this Jungle Jim’s love letter to a bathroom, but this one is so spectacular, I would be remiss to not reveal the secrets of the Cintas’ winner of “America’s Best Bathroom.” When you approach the restroom, you think you’re walking into a not so glamorous portalet. But when you open the door, you step inside a hilarious bathroom.

4. Can you Handle the Heat?

 Jungle Jim's Hot sauce

The hot sauce section goes from mild to wild to scorching, with hundreds of options in between. Many of these fiery concoctions have been featured on the YouTube show, Hot Ones. Set your taste buds aflame with more than 1,500 hot sauces from around the globe. You can celebrate all things hot & spicy at The Weekend of Fire. This foodie fest features the hottest sauces, salsas, mustards, rubs, and marinades all weekend long.

5. The Largest Gluten Free Section in the Midwest

Jungle Jim's Gluten Free Section

Bow tie pasta? Pretzel bread? Candy? Check, check, and check. Jungle Jim's has the largest gluten free section in the midwest, and you'll be stunned by all they have to offer. You'll find a ton of options— from different brands of pastas, gluten free bread and tortillas, sweeteners, candy, drinks... you name it!

6. Beer, Glorious Beer

Jungle Jim's Beer

Jungle Jim’s make your own 6 pack section will transport you straight to hoppy heaven. Their brew-porium sports suds from sea to sea. Mosey over to the tasting bar to sample something delicious on tap and sip while you shop. 4,000+ beers are available in their award-winning beer department. 

7. Insect Lollipops

Scorpion Lollipop

It wouldn’t be Jungle Jim’s if you didn’t walk past something that really made you do a double-take. For those who are feeling especially brave and adventurous, insect and scorpion lollipops await you. This endeavor is not for the faint of heart! 

8. Graeter's Ice Cream Parlor & Drive-Thru

Graeter's Ice Cream, Jungle Jim's

If you're from Southwest, Ohio then you definitely know and love Graeter's. The popular ice cream shop started on the streets of Cincinnati back in 1870 and they have a new location in Jungle Jim's! In typical Jungle Jim's fashion, the ice cream parlor is spectacular. The drive-thru even features a monumental ice cream cone, showing off Graeter's signature flavor, Black Raspberry Chip.

9. Oh, Honey!

Jungle Jim's honey selection

This natural creation has formed its own hive in Jungle Jim’s. Choose from sweet, local, whipped, honey candy, and so much more.

10. Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese

Big Cheese Fest

The cheese department could truly be a store all its own. From the sharpest cheddars to the smokiest of muensters, you’re sure to find you flavor with hundreds of the cheesiest cheeses to choose from. 


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