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Top Pizzerias Churning Out Delicious Pies

Discover some local favorite pizza spots!

Tired of the same old frozen pizza every weekend? Spice up your dinner with these fan favorite pizzerias around the Butler County Area. Choose from any of these 7 local shops and you won't go wrong.

City Staple – Richard’s Pizza

Located in Fairfield, Hamilton, Monroe, and Trenton

Richards pepperoni pizza

Photo Credit : Richard's Pizza 

Voted #1 in Butler County and Hamilton’s oldest pizza joint. This is a “have to” kind of place when visiting. Owner Richard Underwood opened his first location in 1955, where he created his famous pizza recipe that’s now a city staple. Now with 5 locations in Butler County there is no way you can miss this chance. Richard’s is not just pizza, so don’t be afraid to branch out and order their Famous Italian Steak Sandwich, which can now be delivered nationwide.

Our Recommendation: Keep it simple with the pepperoni pizza, and for a sweet treat afterwards, make sure you grab some of their home made fudge.

Feeling Adventurous? – Shaddock’s Pizza

Located in Middletown

Shaddocks Taco Pizza

Photo Credit : Shaddock's Pizza 

Shaddock’s has been the place to go in Butler County for your crazier pizza wants, for almost 60 years. Serving cold drinks, pizza, and subs since 1963, Shaddock’s is a Middletown tradition. Known for their thinner crispy crust pies, great service, and daily specials.

Our recommendation: Their famous Taco Pizza; salsa, cheese, onion, jalapeno, black olive, lettuce, tomato, and a side of sour cream

Late Night Slice – Bruno’s Pizza

Located in Oxford

Photo Credit : Bruno's Pizza

Bruno’s Pizza sells New York style by the slice. A Miami University staple, this is the perfect place to stop by when you are out and about wanting a quick bite late a night. Pair your pizza of choice with the Bruno Dough, deep fried dough sprinkled with garlic butter and parmesan cheese. 

Our recommendation: Bruno’s Favorite – Pepperoni, sausage, onion, green peppers, and mushrooms. 

“Taste You’ll Always Remember” – Chester’s Pizza 

Located in Hamilton

Photo Credit : Chester's Pizza 

This is a family owned pick up pizza joint, that has been passed down through generations. Known for their fresh ingredients and amazing taste there is no need for them to stray away from their Mom’s original recipe. Whenever you are stopping by, you’ll get the same amazing taste we locals have all been talking about. 

Our recommendation: Choose your own path! Pick your favorite toppings and go with it, you can't go wrong here.

Family Friendly – Fairfield Pizza & Pasta

Located in Fairfield

Photo Credit : Fairfield Pizza and Pasta

Serving up tavern style pizza: Thinner & crunchier crust, square cut slices, and toppings from edge-to-edge, there is nothing better. Having a menu with many different options this is the perfect place for an outing with the family, even your pickiest eater can find something they’ll enjoy.

Our recommendation: Get one of their antipasto salads to start things off and order the Pepperoni Doubler: two layers of pepperoni and extra cheese.

Slice of New York – Fratelli's Pizzeria

Located in West Chester

Fratelli's New Yorker Pizza

Photo Credit : Fratelli's Pizzeria

Fratelli's is a family owned business, that is a staple for everyone in the area. They make their dough, sauces, and dressings from scratch every morning. With recipes that come from family members that live on the east coast with their own pizzerias, you will fell like you are in New York City. Right across the street from The Cone this combo would make for the perfect night on the town.

Our Recommendation: The New Yorker - Pepperoni, Sausage, Onion, Green Peppers


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