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Bourbon Enthusiasts will Love this New Shop: Bourbon & Fire

Everything but the Bourbon!

Bourbon & Fire opened its first brick-and-mortar shop in Hamilton in June, 2023.

Bourbon & Fire

Bourbon & Fire's Beginning

Owner and founder, Jessica Meyer started her entrepreneurial journey in 2020 with a wedding business, BlueGirlDesigns. While she loved the business, it wasn't something that she was completely passionate about. When she created a wedding bourbon barrel, she discovered that she loved the process and was curious as to what else she could craft out of bourbon barrels. 

Bourbon & Fire

After creating her first bourbon lid, Jessica decided to experiment to see if she could create her favorite game on the lid of the barrel. While it took a lot of time and a lot of trial and error, she finally succeeded. She showcased her creation in her basement, and pretty soon, everyone was asking for one. 

Bourbon & Fire

Once the popularity of her bourbon lids took off, Jessica decided to close her wedding business and pursue her laser engraved barrel lids full-time. She attended craft shows and events to promote her business which eventually grew and had to be moved from the basement to the garage. 

Behind the Name: Bourbon & Fire 

Jessica named her business Bourbon & Fire after the fire that is used to create the custom bourbon barrel lids. With a little bit bigger of a space in the garage, Bourbon & Fire was able to add additional bourbon-related products including staves, magnets, openers, and so much more! 

Bourbon & Fire

Opening Their Storefront 

A storefront was something they never imagined having. "We knew we wanted somewhere to sell our products in person year-round, but we didn't expect an actual store," says Jessica. 

Bourbon & Fire

Being from Ross, Jessica and her husband, Jeremy, knew that they wanted to their storefront to be in Hamilton as it is close to home and somewhere they go often. When the building on Main Street presented itself, the pair knew it was too good to pass up. Remodeling the building to fit the Bourbon and Fire brand was tough, but it had to be done. It took about 30 days to remodel the space, and they officially opened their doors on June 28, 2023.

Bourbon & Fire

Shop Bourbon & Fire

112 Main Street | Hamilton, Ohio 

Open Tuesday through Thursday, 11am – 6pm | Friday & Saturday, 11am – 7pm