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Pop In For Bubble Tea

Find 6 places to grab a delicious boba tea...

This popular tea-based beverage inspired by Taiwanese cuisine is the perfect treat for a pick-me-up! Made with fruit flavors, delicious toppings, and the famous boba pearls, it is a must-try beverage. Here are some favorite local spots for all things bubble tea!

Drop In Tea

5 South Beech Street | Oxford, Ohio

Bubble Tea at Drop in Tea, Oxford Ohio

Located near Miami University, this tasty spot specializes in unique bubble tea beverages you're sure to love. Pictured is the Cherry Blossom boba tea. With an ever-changing menu of specialty flavors, Drop In Tea is a must-do on your next trip to Oxford.

Paris Banh Mi Cafe Bakery

7659 Tylersville Road | West Chester, Ohio

Boba Tea Paris Banh Mi, West Chester Ohio

For all things pastries, cuisine, and bubble tea, this Vietnamese cafe and bakery is the place to go. Their wide selection of delicious bubble tea flavors and toppings are a can't-miss treat for the perfect pick-me-up. Pictured is a Matcha Bubble Tea with mango popping bobas. 

Saigon Noodle Bar

9220 Allen Road | West Chester, Ohio

Saigon Noodle Bar, West Chester Ohio

Saigon Noodle Bar serves up delicious bubble tea you're sure to enjoy! Find fun flavors like their galaxy lemonade with your choice of flavored boba, or their milk teas with matcha green tea boba. Pictured is the Galaxy Lemonade with lychee; its made with house lemonade and topped with butterfly pea tea. Butterfly pea tea is a popular, refreshing herbal tea in Vietnam. Pure butterfly tea is actually blue, but once it's mixed with other ingredients (like lemon) it turns purple. 

Smoochies Boba & Crepes

Hamilton | Liberty Center | West Chester

Smoochies Boba & Crepes

Smoochies puts a fun twist on bubble tea you're sure to love and they have three locations! Customize your ultimate boba treat with your favorite flavors, boba, or jellies. Their signature "smoothies" are a combination between a smoothie and milk tea. Pictured is a Mango Strawberry Smoochie with tapioca, green apple popping boba and tropical jelly.

State Street Coffee

938 W State Street | Trenton, Ohio

State Street

Looking for a unique bubble tea tasting experience? This charming coffee shop is serving up flights of bubble tea that are the perfect way to sample different flavors! Known for their coffee and tea flights, State Street Coffee is sure to be a new fun favorite. 

Tiger Sugar

7847 Tylersville Road | West Chester, Ohio

Tiger Sugar, West Chester Ohio

Another great spot for premium bubble and milk teas is Tiger Sugar. Their location in West Chester is the only one here in Ohio! Picture is their signature Brown Sugar Bubble Tea is made with fresh cream and a unique tiger stripe design. 


Visit these local spots for a refreshing + delicious bubble tea!


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