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Cassano's Pizza King: A Nostalgic Dining Experience

For over 60 years, Cassano's Pizza King has been a Fairfield staple 

Cassano's Pizza King is more than just a local pizza shop, they are a cherished tradition that is deeply rooted the heart of the Fairfield community. 


Bringing Families Together with Flavorful Traditions

With such a long legacy, Cassano's Pizza King has had the privilege of serving generations of families, friends, locals, and visitors. They have seen children come in with their family that are now grown up and bringing their own children to the beloved pizza shop. 

"People have come in here with such fond memories of having their first dates here, or birthday parties, or anniversary dinners; everyone has a story here," says Katie, owner of Cassano's Pizza King in Fairfield. 


The Nostalgia Remains 

Although Cassano's Pizza King has undergone some light renovations and redecorating, Katie wanted to be sure to keep the nostalgic interiors that continues to bring longtime customers back. While Cassano's Pizza King has seen changes in ownership, one thing remains unchanged: their commitment to delivering delicious food and exceptional service to the community.


"We are using the same recipes and the same thin crust that everyone knows and loves since we opened 63 years ago," says Katie. Their commitment to crafting mouthwatering pizzas, subs, calzones, and pastas  has remained unwavering.

Whether you're a longtime regular or a newcomer, we invite you to experience the warmth, taste and tradition that has defined Cassano's Pizza King for over 60 years.

Visit Cassano's Pizza King

 4761 Dixie Hwy | Fairfield, OH

Monday-Thursday, 11am-9pm | Friday-Saturday, 11am-10pm | Sunday, 11am-8pm