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Complete the Donut Trail in ONE Morning

Do you want to do the Donut Trail in one morning?

The Donut Trail is a year-round activity that you can complete at your own pace. However, we get asked all the time... can you do it all in one morning? The answer is yes! 

Passports + Routes

The first step is to get your passport. You can get one at any of the donut shops on the trail, or print off your own here. We also recommend planning out your route ahead of time. Your ideal route will depend on where you'll be starting from, the shop hours, and which shops close early.

Donut Trail Passport

The Donut Trail is a road trip consisting of around 80 miles. The shops are anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes away from one another. It's important to start EARLY if you plan to make it to all of the shops. All together, it took me about 4 hours to finish the trail. My starting time was 6:20am, leaving from the West Chester area.

Please note there is not one ideal route for experiencing the Donut Trail. There are many factors including the day you plan to travel and your starting location. To get your customized trail route please call the official Donut Trail concierge at 513-860-0917.

Shop #1 – The Donut Spot

5130 Pleasant Avenue | Fairfield, Ohio

Time : 6:34am 

Donut : Strawberry Frosted + Strawberry Milk from The Mullen Dairy

The Donut Spot, Donut Trail

Shop #2 – Jupiter Coffee & Donuts

5353 Dixie Highway | Fairfield, Ohio

Time : 6:41am 

Donut : Cronut + Hazelnut Latte 

Jupiter Coffee & Donuts, Donut Trail

Shop #3 – The Donut Hole by Milton's

8268 Princeton Glendale Road | West Chester, Ohio

Time : 7:00am 

Donut : Fried Cream Cheese Donut

The Donut Hole, Donut Trail

Shop #4 – Stan the Donut Man

7967 Cincinnati Dayton Road | West Chester, Ohio

Time : 7:15am 

Donut : Pineapple Fritter

Stan the Donut Man, Donut Trail

Shop #5 – The Donut Dude

7132 Cincinnati Dayton Road | Liberty Township, Ohio

Time : 7:27am 

Donut : Vanilla Frosted + Sprinkles

The Donut Dude, Donut Trail

Shop #6 – Milton's Donuts

3533 Roosevelt Blvd | Middletown, Ohio

Time : 7:49am 

Donut : Ore-dough

Milton's Donuts, Donut Trail

Shop #7 – Central Pastry Shop

1518 Central Avenue | Middletown, Ohio

Time : 8:13am 

Donut : Cinnamon Square

Central Pastry Shop, Donut Trail

Shop #8 – Martin's Donuts

4 W State Street | Trenton, Ohio

Time : 8:33am 

Donut : Chocolate Chip Cake Donut

Martin's Donuts, Donut Trail

Shop #9 – Kelly's Bakery

1335 Main Street | Hamilton, Ohio

Time : 9:00am 

Donut : Cap'n Crunch Cereal Donut

Kelly's Bakery, Donut Trail

Shop #10 – Ross Bakery

1051 Eaton Avenue | Hamilton, Ohio

Time : 9:12am 

Donut : Giant Glazed Pretzel

Ross Bakery, Donut Trail

Shop #11 – Mimi's Lil' Kitchen

2267 Millville Avenue | Hamilton, Ohio

Time : 9:34am 

Donut : Reese's Peanut Butter

Mimi's Donuts & Bakery, Donut Trail

Shop #12 – Holtman's Donuts

9558 Civic Centre Blvd | West Chester, Ohio

Time : 9:55am 

Donut : Chocolate Sprinkles

Holtman's Donuts, Donut Trail

Shop #13 – Oxford Doughnut Shoppe

120 S Locust Street | Oxford, Ohio

Your passport will already have this stamp because it's an optional stop. I was not able to get there in time before they closed. If you do make it, they have incredible cake donuts!

Completed Passport

Once your passport is complete, you can turn it in for your Donut Trail T-shirt! 

Completed Donut Trail Passport

You have two options to get your t-shirt:

1. Fill out the bottom of the passport and mail it to us; we'll mail back your t-shirt in about 2-6 weeks.

2. Turn in your passport to our office and get your t-shirt on the spot! Open Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5pm.

Travel Butler County, Ohio

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Enjoy Your Sweet Adventure!

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