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EcoVentures: Explore Local Parks

From Trails to Tales — Exploring Local Parks Responsibly!

Every park holds its own unique charm and opportunity for adventure; from picturesque trails to breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders. Below you can discover 10 local parks along with 10 tips to explore sustainably. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, an outdoor adventurer, or simply seeking a refreshing escape, we invite you to come experience the outdoors here in Butler County.

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1. Bull's Run Nature Sanctuary & Arboretum

3909 Rosedale Road | Middletown, Ohio

Bulls Run Arboretum, Middletown Ohio

The Bull's Run Nature Sanctuary & Arboretum is named in honor of the park featuring the last free-flowing section of Bull's Run Creek. Visitors can experience the arboretum with labeled species of trees or hike the multiple mulched trails and a creek side trail one-third of a mile long. The property also serves as a wildlife laboratory for local schools, garden clubs, conservation groups, and nature enthusiasts!

Sustainable Travel Tip: Always try to follow the designated trails and pathways in order to minimize the impact of surrounding wildlife. 

2. Dudley Woods Park

5591 Hankins Road | Liberty Township, Ohio

Dudley Woods Park, Liberty Township Ohio

Explore 64-acres of scenic, wooded areas at Dudley Woods Park. There are multiple nature trails to choose from that features native wildlife and hiking along Gregory Creek. There are also plenty of picnic tables for when you need to take a lunch break! 

Sustainable Travel Tip: Opt for reusable containers for any picnic needs like reusable water bottles, food containers, and utensils to minimize single-use plastic waste. If you do use plastic, make sure to dispose of everything properly, leaving no trash behind. 

3. Forest Run MetroPark

1810 New London Road | Hamilton, Ohio

Forest Run MetroPark, Hamilton Ohio

This beautiful scenic preserve offers over 340 acres of meadows, wetlands, a prairie and a creek— all of which provide a diverse habitat for a diverse variety of wildlife. Here you can enjoy birding, fishing, hiking trails, bike trails and more.

Sustainable Travel Tip: Educate yourself  and learn about the cultural heritage of the area you're visiting. Understanding the importance of conservation and the ecological significance of the park can deepen your appreciation and inspire you to protect it.

4. Furfield Dog Park

6713 East River Road | Fairfield, Ohio

Furfield Dog Park, Fairfield Ohio

Traveling with your pup? Furfield is an awesome park to check out, complete with a swimming pond, multiple grassy areas, shaded seating, and incredible views of the Great Miami River.

Sustainable Travel Tip: Always clean up after your pet and carry your own waste bags (it's a bonus if the bags are biodegradable)! This helps keep the dog park clean and prevents the spread of harmful bacteria.

5. Governor Bebb Preserve

1979 Bebb Park Lane | Okeana, Ohio

Governor Bebb Preserve, Okeana Ohio

Come enjoy some fresh air and experience a bit of historical flavor at this preserve! The Governor Bebb Preserve features a historical pioneer village, including the log house birthplace of William Bebb, Butler County native and Ohio's19th governor. The entire park is 264 acres of hardwood forest and thriving native wildlife— complete with nature trails and a covered bridge from the 1800's.

Sustainable Travel Tip: Support local communities by purchasing food, supplies, and services from local vendors and small businesses to contribute positively to the local economy.

6. Harbin Park

1300 Hunter Road | Fairfield, Ohio

Harbin Park, Fairfield Ohio

Harbin Park is most popular for its regionally renowned biking trails. The seven miles of mountain biking trails are a technical single track, split into a Green Trail and an Orange Trail. This park is also a great getaway to experience all that nature has to offer. With multiple hiking trails, a scenic overlook, and a disc golf course, there are endless possibilities for a good breath of fresh air in the great outdoors. 

Sustainable Travel Tip: Choose eco-friendly transportation options like biking, walking, or taking public transportation whenever possible.

7. Pater Wildlife Area

5351 Reily Millville Road | Reily Township, Ohio

Pater Wildlife Area Ohio

This 192-acre wooded park offers multiple hiking trails, and is known for being a great spot for birdwatching. A variety of songbirds can be found throughout the area year-round, and many other bird species use the area in the spring and fall during migration.

Sustainable Travel Tip: Do not disturb any natural habitats or wildlife, observe from a distance so there is no disruption to the natural eco-systems. 

8. Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

1763 Hamilton Cleves Road | Hamilton, Ohio

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, Hamilton Ohio

Discover the stunning combination of art and nature at Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, featuring over 300 acres of natural scenery embellished with 80+ monumental sculptures. This is a great spot for a nature walk, picnic, and art gazing!

Sustainable Travel Tip: Leave behind only footprints to help preserve the beauty of nature for future generations!

9. Rentschler Forest

5701 Reigart Road | Fairfield, Ohio

Rentschler Forest, Fairfield Ohio

With almost 400 acres, the Rentschler Forest Preserve offers nearly a half-mile frontage along the Great Miami River, acres of woodland, remnants of the old Miami-Erie Canal, a prehistoric Indian earthwork, and a reconstructed wetland— so there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities!

Sustainable Travel Tip: Minimize the use of technology + screen time to embrace the beauty of nature and enhance your hiking experience.

10. Voice of America MetroPark

7850 VOA Park Drive | West Chester, Ohio

VOA MetroPark, West Chester Ohio

The Voice of America Park is home to a variety of grassland bird species and other wildlife, along with miles of walking/jogging trails and a premier dog park, Wiggly Field Dog Park. The VOA Lake also offers paddleboat rentals, an adaptive kayak launch, and fishing passes in season.

Sustainable Travel Tip: Spread the word! Share your sustainable travel experiences and tips with others. By promoting responsible travel, you can inspire others to make more sustainable choices when exploring the outdoors.


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