Happy Dog at Furfield Dog Park
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Your Pup's New Paradise

Sometimes your furry friends need a getaway too! 

Furfield Dog Park in Fairfield is your pup's complete paradise. This new dog park is complete with a swimming pond, multiple grassy areas, shaded seating, and incredible views of the Great Miami River. It's the hottest destination on every dog's mind! 

Furfield Overview Photo

Photo Credit : City of Fairfield Parks

A Top Doggie Destination 

If you're a dog parent like me, then your pup's happiness is a top priority. That means taking your furry friend everywhere you can, because they're happiest when they're with you... of course! 

My dog's name is Theo and he's a one-year-old Australian Shepherd, so he has a ton of energy and absolutely loves to be outdoors. Every time I travel, I do the extra planning to see if he can tag along on the trip. He loves exploring new parks, hiking the trails with me, and even chilling inside the dog-friendly places I go to. It's always a bonus for me when he can join in on the fun! So when Furfield Dog Park recently opened, I knew it was a destination we had to visit. 

Happy Dog

Furfield — a clever name for a dog park in Fairfield — is the ultimate puppy paradise! There are multiple fenced-in grassy areas to play with your dog, or you can sit back and relax while they knock themselves out. There is plenty of room to run, jump, play and make friends. Also lucky for the humans, there is plenty of parking, shaded areas, and benches surrounding the park.

Dogs Swimming

Photo Credit : Allie Whitaker King

But the real winning aspect for Theo was the large swimming pond in the middle of the park. Theo has loved water since he was just a baby pup. He loves a good trip to the lake, or chill day by the pool... but he was overwhelmed by the size of the pond, and not to mention, all the splashing-fun to be had. 

The pond is complete with not only a dock, but also a zero-entry edge, so there's no shortage of opportunity for lots of activities. 

Dalmatian Dog Swimming

Photo Credit : Memphis Cooper

The pond is the center of attention for most pups, but there's also a small stream leading up to the pond, which is a perfect refresher for less swim-inclined doggos. The park also features completely separate fenced-in fields for exercise and adventure while staying dry too.

Beautiful Views

Aside from the pure joy I got out of seeing Theo have a blast, I was also pleasantly surprised with how scenic the park was. It's located right beside the Great Miami River, and even has a walk-up patio area to get the best view. 

Who knew you could find such a beautiful overlook at a dog park?

Scenic View of Great Miami River

The plan is for the park to double as a dog park, and a future trailhead addition to the Great Miami River Trail. I don't think Theo was as impressed with the view as I was, but he still accompanied me for a good photo— mostly because he was worn out from all the running, swimming, socializing, and adventuring that he had just completed.

On our way home, we made sure to stop by Flub's Ice Cream in Fairfield for an extra little treat to end our day... you could say he's a bit spoiled! 

Dog Eating Ice Cream


Visit Furfield Dog Park

6611 River Road | Fairfield, Ohio 45014

Open dawn to dusk

Happy Dog at Furfield Park

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