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Escape Goatz: NEW Puzzle + Escape Rooms

Can you think outside of the box?

EscapeGoatz, Hamilton Ohio

Time is ticking... can you solve the mystery? Come have an amazing time at the new puzzle rooms and escape rooms at Escape Goatz in Hamilton, Ohio. You have 60 minutes!

Challenge Your Mind

The mystery in every room was created by Escape Goatz owner, Rodney Hunter. When he decided to open his escape room business, he wanted to ensure that each mystery was unique to his business. 

EscapeGoatz Escape Room, Hamilton Ohio

You can book your room online for 1 – 6 players. There are three different rooms to choose from, and an additional Murder Mystery Room only available in October.

When you enter each room you enter a new world... search for clues and solve the puzzles before the time expires!


Free your father from prison!

EscapeGoatz Mafia Room, Hamilton Ohio

The Story: Your father is a well known Mafia member who has been sentenced to a 50 year prison sentence. You want to help but the kicker is in order to be in position to do so you have to join the mafia. Once in the Mafia family you have to climb the ranks to become a Capo so that you can build the appropriate relationships to help get your father out. You must do any and everything that is needed from the Colombo family. Do you have what it takes to climbs the ranks and get your father out of prison?


Get the diamonds + get out!

EscapeGoatz Diamond Heist, Hamilton Ohio

The Story: A famous artist is coming to town tomorrow to create an amazing piece of art made of DIAMONDS. The diamonds are stashed in an art gallery located in a remote location. Due to an inside source you discover this facility is not monitored at night by guards. It is only monitored by camera and a silent alarm which is activated when the facility is entered. Upon entering the facility a silent alarm is triggered and you have 1 hour to recover the diamonds and escape before being caught. Good luck...


A science experiment gone bad!

EscapeGoatz Space Invasion, Hamilton Ohio

The Story: During a classroom science experiment a teacher accidently created a potion called The Omega Spark that has summoned alien Robots which has opened a portal for aliens robots to enter planet earth. THIS IS NOT GOOD. If they retrieve the Omega Spark it will give the alien robots the power to take over planet earth. You have one hour to figure out the antidote to close the portal and save planet earth.

Birthday Parties, Team Bonding + More

Escape rooms make the perfect team bonding event, birthday party, or even just an outing with friends and family. Escape Goatz also offers different birthday party options with a party room.

EscapeGoatz Puzzle Rooms, Hamilton Ohio

Birthday Parties can be booked for a two hour time slot and that includes the party room, games, a PlayStation 5, and a XBOX available for playing. 

EscapeGoatz Party Room, Hamilton Ohio

EscapeGoatz is open Thursday through Sunday, but you can book a private session any day of the week before business hours by giving them a call at (513) 889-4628. Come challenge yourself and have a blast! Can you think outside of the box?

Visit Escape Goatz

309 Court Street | Hamilton, Ohio

Open Thursday and Friday, 4pm - 10pm | Saturday and Sunday, 1pm - 10pm

EscapeGoatz Puzzle & Escape Rooms, Hamilton Ohio

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