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7 Things to See While Visiting Jungle Jim's

Making a trip to Jungle Jim's? Here are 7 must-see things along the way.

Jungle Jim

In 1971, James O. Bonaminio (a.k.a Jungle Jim) started his businesses as a fresh produce stand, and it has now evolved into a wild 6+ acre attraction. Jim likes to buy used equipment from amusement parks, arcades, or what others might consider "junk" and it usually sits in storage until Jungle comes up with an idea on how he can implement it. The store is chock full of animation and themed aisles. For example, the frozen food features fake penguins and the honey aisle has real a hornet's nests. On your next journey through the Jungle, here are 7 things to keep an eye out for. 

1. Campbell's Soup Can

Jungle Jim's International Market, Fairfield Ohio

This giant swinging and singing can of Campbell's Soup can be found right through the Foodie Entrance. Whether you find it fascinating or terrifying, it's only the start of Jungle's zany animatronics. 

2. Corn & Butter

Corn & Butter at Jungle Jim's

Before you see the Campbell's Soup Can, you'll probably run into Corn & Butter, located right below the original Jungle Jim's building sign from 1974. There's a button to push so you can hear from "the comedy team" yourself. Grumpy corn and the talking butter will put on a show! 

3. Singing Elvis

Jungle Jim's Elvis

While stocking up on goodies in the candy isle, be sure to stop and admire the Singing Elvis Lion. Press the button to get the full effect— he sings a popular tune on his guitar. 

4. The Big Cheese

Jungle Jim's The Big Cheese

The Big Cheese is a popular attraction, so much so that Jungle likes to host an annual Big Cheese Festival. The cheese is displayed like a trophy in a giant refrigerated case. It weighs nearly a half-ton and is eaten and replaced every year or so.

5. The Bathrooms...

Jungle Jim's Famous Bathrooms

The lush (2007 Cintas "Best Bathroom in America" winner) bathrooms are hilariously disguised behind port-o-potty doors. Taking a picture in these famous restrooms is a must during your visit. Above the entrance of each bathroom, a line of five video monitors played clips of TV newscasts reporting the breaking news of the bathrooms— which received coverage around the globe.

6. Hot Sauce Firetruck

Jungle Jim's Hot Sauce Firetruck

Can you handle the heat? Above the many, many fiery sauce selections in this isle, you'll discover a real Hueston Woods Firetruck. It's a great addition to the 1500+ hot sauces. 

7. The Monorail & Oscar Station

The Oscar Station, Fairfield OH

Jungle's love for theme park equipment led to his 1998 purchase of the retired Lion Country Safari monorail from King's Island. The monorail, while always on display at Jungle Jim's, finally found a purpose when Jungle opened his bourbon bar and event venue, The Oscar Station. The monorail connects guests to The Oscar Event Center.  

Jungle Jim's Oscar Station

The bar, complete with 100 bourbons, is definitely the highlight of The Oscar Station. Above the bar is a revolving, repurposed dry-cleaning rack that Jungle bought nearly 20 years ago.

Of course, there are SO many fun things to experience at Jungle Jim's. Plan your visit and make sure to save plenty of time to explore everything there is to offer!

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Jungle Jim's International Market, Fairfield Ohio

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