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Sometimes you just crave a warm, comforting bowl of chili!

 There's something about chili that is perfect for a ton of occasions: football Sundays, cold Winter nights, sitting around a warm Autumn fire, and especially in the rainy months before welcoming Spring. Chili is really the ultimate comfort food. No matter what time of the year you're craving the perfect bowl of chili, Butler County has restaurants with some of the best chili around! 

1. Skyline Chili

Skyline Chili Ohio

Photo Credit : Skyline Chili

If you are from around Southwest Ohio all of my life, you know Skyline Chili. If you aren't from around here, Skyline is like a mecca for us and we have them everywhere. If you've never tried it, you have to stop in for a signature Chili Cheese Coney or Chili 3-Way. All of Skyline's special recipe chili is piled with freshly shredded cheese and served with oyster crackers.

2. The Jug

Chili at The Jug

 Photo Credit : The Jug 

A staple in Middletown, The Jug is known for their classic hamburgers and root beer... but they also have some amazing chili. Grab a big bowl or add on a small bowl to try as a side to your cheeseburger and fries. 

3. Hyde's Restaurant 

Hyde's Restaurant Chili

Photo Credit : Hyde's Restaurant

Hyde's is a hidden gem in Hamilton, serving up that small town diner food that we all love. Stop in for a classic bowl of chili and crackers, and if you still have room— their pies are phenomenal! 

4. Chickpea Chicks

Chickpea Chicks Cincinnati Style Chili Hummus

It's not your typical chili, but Chickpea Chicks makes the best organic, vegan hummus. As a Butler County native, the Chickpea Chick Kelly Armstrong created her Cincy Style blend so vegetarians and chili-fans alike can enjoy hummus packed with that Skyline Chili flavor... without the meat! 

5. Aladdin's Eatery

Vegetarian Chili at Aladdin's

 Photo Credit : Aladdin's Eatery

Aladdin's in West Chester serves amazing Lebanese/American food, and their Vegetarian Chili is a popular item on their menu. It makes the perfect appetizer or full meal and is packed flavor and mild spice. Not a vegetarian? Add some chicken for extra protein to make a fresh chicken chili! 

6. Jolly's Drive In

Jolly's Menu

Photo Credit : Jolly's Drive In 

Whether you get their one-of-a-kind chili burger, chili cheese dog, or their chili fries — pair it with Jolly's signature root beer and you are all set for an amazing meal with an old-fashioned feel. 

7. Namaste Curry House 

Namaste Chicken Chili Masala

Photo Credit : Namaste Curry House

You can find not only some of the best curry, but also the best Chicken Chili Masala. The next time your in Fairfield, stop by to try a bowl. With hints of cumin and cinnamon, you get a sense of Cincinnati chili. 


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