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StreetSpark Completes 4 New Murals

StreetSpark Art has added four new, vibrant murals to the streets of Hamilton!

Every summer, Hamilton's StreetSpark program brings new vibrancy to the city in the form of mural art. This public art program is now in its sixth year, helping to highlight local artists and amplifying the city of Hamilton. In addition to the 14+ outdoor murals on the tour, there are now 4 new beautiful murals to admire. 

1. Cultivating Community 

Location: 601 Park Avenue | Hamilton, OH

Designer: Jamie Schorsch

Cultivating Community Mural

The message that Jamie hopes to communicate with Cultivating Community is one of tranquility, peace, and prosperity through a whimsical and playful design. There is much symbolism embedded into the piece as well. “The expansive field serves as a historical nod to the landscape of the area as it would have existed when Native American groups occupied the site around Fort Hamilton. Tiger Lilies, which are often associated with pride, confidence, wealth, and positivity, and Irises, which represent wisdom, hope, and trust, frame the image. The bees serve as an emblem of abundance, persistence, industry, within the community," Jamie says.

2. Expressions of Power

Location: Utility Box on the Corner of High Street & MLK Blvd | Hamilton, OH

Designer: Anissa Pulcheon

Expressions of Power Mural

Anissa —designer and lead painter—created this piece to convey a message of joy and self-assuredness in young girls. “This is a fun scene with lots of gals - I like to imagine that they're all hanging out, having a good time at an event," she says. "They all look different, have different hair styles and ways of expressing themselves through clothes and accessories, but they're all happy, content, or intrigued."

3. Changing the World through Art, One Kid at a Time

Location: Utility Box on the Corner of Main & B Streets | Hamilton, OH

Designers: Brent Billingsley & Lavelle Billingsley 

Changing the World through Art, One Kid at a Time Mural

This mural was designed by a local father and son duo. Brent created a greyscale portrait of his son, backed by his son’s colorful, abstract artwork. Their StreetSpark mural design aims to bring happiness to the tens of thousands of people who drive through the busy Hamilton intersection.

4. Charge the Line

Location: 204 N. Third Street | Hamilton, OH 

Designer: Jennifer Eickelberger

Charge the Line Mural

“I wanted to show the bravery that exists among these men and women who risk their lives to protect and better their community. It’s such a hard job; they see and go through things I couldn’t carry," Jennifer says. She also included thirteen stars in her design, to symbolize the thirteen firefighters who lost their lives serving the Hamilton community. She herself has witnessed the team’s response to losing one of their own, and was amazed by the ways in which they came together to support one another. “I think for me it was just really important to make them feel honored and appreciated and seen, because they are so important.”

All Photo Credits : StreetSpark

StreetSpark Art

View the mural tour map here! 

StreetSpark Mural Tour Map


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