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Sara's House Candle

Photo Credit : Sara's House, Hamilton

The aroma and warmth that comes from a candle can really transform a house into a home. Candles have a way of capturing the mood of each season and are a great way to relax and unwind. There are an abundance of options when you're looking for candles, but the best ones come from some of the local businesses here in the BC. If you want to get your candle fix or get a gift for a friend, we have some unique and cozy options listed below. 

Petals & Wicks

Petals & Wicks Candles

In the heart of Hamilton is a shop dedicated to candles. Petals & Wicks is home to The Scent Bar, an experience where you can smell over 100 scents, pick your favorites, and then pour your very own custom candle. From seasonal scents like peppermint bark to fresh scents like lavender... there is something that everybody will love. My candle combined baked bread, maple syrup, and morning dew for a fresh, sweet scent giving off a warm, cozy vibe. What will yours be?! You can even order their pre-made candles online, or purchase a DIY Kit to create your candle at home. 

The Apple Tree

Rewind Candles

Photo Credit : The Apple Tree

Located in Oxford, The Apple Tree has been a staple in the community for over 40 years! They offer a wide variety of special gifts, clothing, accessories and home decor... but these Rewind Candles are a favorite. They are made in Charleston, South Carolina from all-natural wax and poured into hand-cut wine bottles and have over 70 hours of burn time. They come in multiple scents that are custom blended fragrances to mimic your favorite wine varietal like Sangria, Bordeaux Blanc, Chardonnay, Bellini and more. 


lahVdah Candle

LahVdah Skincare + More is a one-of-a-kind beauty boutique in Hamilton. They are known for their all-natural products, especially their organic bath bombs, magical skincare, and gluten-free makeup... but they know how to make a great candle too! Just like all lahVdah products, the candles are handcrafted with all natural ingredients, and have a clean burn so there's no black smoke or toxins released. You can online or in store with 13 original scents to choose from.

The Wicked Wick

Chakra Candle

Downtown Middletown is home to The Wicked Wick, a boutique and art studio with a unique variety of products. Their relaxed atmosphere  makes for a great shopping experience. The owners of The Wicked Wick create soy-free candles and are always coming up with new creative ideas. Each candle is free of toxins and the soy burns slower resulting in a much longer burn time compared to other candles. One of their most popular scents is their Chakra Candles that are poured in the 7 Chakra colors and have each Chakra crystal on top. 

Miller St. Boutique

Miller St. Boutique Candle

Photo Credit : Miller St. Boutique

Miller St. Boutique in Fairfield is a boutique full of the most trendy clothing and accessories. Although it's a great place to treat yourself, they also sell a selection of beautiful gifts. One in particular are their candles from Tyler Candle Company. These are made in Texas in a wide variety of scents. Each candle is made with a specific atmosphere in mind, and Miller St. Boutique includes what each fragrance was created for. 

The Spicy Olive

Spicy Olive Wine Bottle Candle

The Spicy Olive in West Chester serves as a tasting emporium for the freshest olive oils, balsamic vinegars and a large variety of fine wine. In addition to tastings, their shop also sells gift sets and accessories. Most recently, The Spicy Olive also offers candles inspired by popular wine. The candles made here in Ohio out of hand-cut wine bottles. They can also take bottles from special occasions, like the champagne bottle from a wedding, and turn it into a custom candle. 


Do you have a candle obsession? Make sure to add these to your collection!