Self-Pour Taproom in Hamilton, Ohio
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Hamilton's New Self-Pour Taproom

Find 40+ self-pour beer, seltzer and wine taps at Pour House.

Welcome to the first and only self-service taproom in Hamilton, Ohio. Pour House is a self-dispensing, pay-by-the-ounce digital taproom and kitchen, specializing in artisan pizza. They have a vast selection of craft beers, ciders, seltzers and wines. And with 42 rotating taps... there will always be something new to try. See how it works below!

Step 1:

When you walk in, grab your Pour House card. Browse the different options, and grab a glass located under all of the taps. 

Pour House, Hamilton Ohio

Step 2:

Once you decide on your drink, place your card in the card reader under the tap you want to pour from.

Self-Pour Taproom, Pour House Hamilton

Step 3:

Angle your glass 45 degrees and open the tap all the way to pour your drink.

Self-Pour Taproom, Pour House Hamilton Ohio

Step 4:

Fill your glass as much or as little as you want, and pay for what you pour. The price of each tap will be on the screen.

Pour House, Hamilton Ohio

 Step 5:

Enjoy! Pour House offers indoor seating as well as patio seating, and a kitchen offering artisan pizza. Just make sure to return your card before you leave.

Pour House, Hamilton Ohio

Pour House offers all kinds of craft, domestic and local brews; including options brewed by their neighbor Municipal Brew Works!

Visit Pour House

138 Riverfront Plaza | Hamilton, Ohio

Open Monday - Thursday: 2 - 11pm | Friday: 3pm - 12:30am | Saturday: 11am - 12:30am | Sunday: 11am-11pm 

Self-Pour Taproom, Pour House Hamilton Ohio