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The ultimate Gift Guide for all the kiddos on your list! 

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A child's excitement around the holidays is absolutely contagious, and it's so much fun to watch their faces light up from a Christmas gift. Sometimes though, the gift-giving can get carried away...and kiddos end up with piles of toys, with no way of playing with them all! It results in clutter around the house and multiple closet clean-outs to make room for the new batch of toys. Parents don't always want to deal with an enormous toy collection, but that doesn't mean you can't gift something just as fun that kids will enjoy.

Are the kids you're shopping for overloaded by toys? Here are some of the best gifts for kids that are more practical. Some of these activities you can do with your kids, grandkids, or nieces and nephews – making the gift all the more special.

For The Creative 

Some kids are simply born with that creative gene, but almost anyone loves some part of the arts - whether it's painting, music, coloring, theatre, or just creating. The arts are proven to be beneficial to everyone, especially children - it encourages creativity, allows kids to explore new things, and it can be therapeutic. More importantly though, in a child's eyes, art is a fun activity that they enjoy, which is why enrollment in a class at the Fitton Center will make a unique gift.

The Fitton Center is a non-profit art organization that has been a staple in the Hamilton community for over 25 years. Many people don't know about everything the center has to offer. There are so many art classes, workshops and lessons available to the public at decent prices. From pottery, to yoga, to printmaking... there's something for everybody.

Fun Times at the Fitton Center Workshops


For The Cook

Thinking about someone who loves to cook or bake? Some kids dream of growing up to be a chef. There's a reason you can always find toy cooking sets around the holidays. Whether your kid has expressed interest in cooking or not, they will enjoy a cooking lesson at The Learning Kitchen in West Chester! Their state-of-the-art kitchen was built with twelve different stations, designed specifically for educational classes. They offer a number of cooking classes each month, preparing meals that range from an omelette all the way to a steak. 

This is a hands-on gift and allows kids to discover their inner chef! They'll have a blast, especially when they get to see all the ingredients, use the equipment, and actually make something for themselves. It's easy, fun, and delicious for any skill level. 

  • Kids Classes - Buy a ticket for a workshop, wrap it up, and put it under the tree. These workshops are perfect for anyone: desserts, pizza, even gnocchi pasta. Kids can learn so much and have a great time. There's also Mom/Dad & Me classes available, where parents and their child can cook together. 

A class at The Learning Kitchen

Photo Credit : The Learning Kitchen 


For The Adventurer 

What would your kid say if you told them they could fly? Some kids are just fearless. Others love any kind of physical activity. Majority of the time, kids are just always up for an adventure. In this case...give them the gift of indoor sky diving.

iFly at the Liberty Center helps create valuable memories for kids of all ages, starting as young as 3 years old (seriously). This is an experience that is safe and fun for an entire family! At iFly, you don't jump or fall - you fly on a cushion of air in a controlled wind tunnel. How awesome does that sound? They also have multiple gift vouchers available that would make a super cool gift for the adventurous kids in your life. 

All vouchers include the flight-gear, pre-flight training, and a personalized flight certificate!

  • Holiday Gift Voucher - This is good for four iFly flights and up to two people. It also includes two professional photos of the experience!  
  • Multiple Flight Vouchers - iFly offers multiple vouchers that are good for one person. Depending on the voucher, you can choose two all the way up to five flights. 
  • Gift Cards - iFly also has gift card options starting at $25. Gift cards are good at any location and can be redeemed towards any flight package! 

iFly Fun!

Photo Credit : iFly 

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