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Antiquity Tea: Homegrown & Hand Blended

Antiquity Teahouse provides organic loose leaf tea that is hand blended in Hamilton, Ohio.

Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Cassidy Ruhlman was never a huge fan of tea... that is until she went to study abroad in college. While living in England for nearly a year, she realized tea and biscuits were an affordable, and pretty delicious combination. This realization led Cass on a journey where she discovered the art of tea, how it was made, and all of the many health benefits that come from drinking it. Tea suddenly became a passion, and years later— with the help of her home garden in Hamilton— Antiquity Teahouse was born.


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Through a series of trial and error, Cass invented a variety of her own tea blends using locally grown herbs, flowers and fruits. Although she has a number of staple flavors, she is constantly reinventing and innovating new combinations. Staying local and handmade is extremely import to Cass and her business. She says all of her tea is carefully hand-grown, hand-dried, hand-blended and hand-bagged

Cass, Antiquity Teahouse

Cassidy keeps her own garden at her home in Hamilton, where she grows a majority of her own ingredients for the tea blends. For the ingredients that are harder to grow in Ohio, Cass makes sure to get those from locally-sourced, organic farms. The fresh herbs and natural flavors make Antiquity tea blends stand out. 

Organic Locally Blended Tea

You can check out and shop her wide variety of tea blends online. There's the classic flavors like Earl Grey and Chai tea, as well as Cass' own unique combinations like Pineapple Verde, Apricot Haze, Earl Orange Truffle and many more.  

Wellness Benefits

When Cass first began her journey into tea, it was the immense health benefits that really caught her attention. The different ingredients in organic tea are full of antioxidants, nutrients, minerals and vitamins. More specifically, drinking tea may help boost immune systems, lower blood glucose levels, serve as a natural anti-inflammatory, and can be great for heart-healthy diets. 

Antiquity Tea "Harvest Moon" Blend

For example, The Cure is a Antiquity Teahouse blend of organic spearmint, lemongrass, chamomile, peach and orange— making it packed with Vitamin C! Cass said this is a great option for people with headaches, and also for keeping your body defenses up during cold season. 

When shopping online, the description of each tea includes what health benefits it has; including calming or soothing effects, digestion or wellness benefits, and even the caffeine levels. 

Cass has also started creating tea blends that are perfect for making craft cocktails. Take your cocktails to the next level with the Craft Cocktail Infusions! 

Throw a Par-Tea!

While Antiquity Teahouse does not currently have a storefront, but Cass says it's in her plans for the near future. Until then, her tea blends can be bought online or found at the Hamilton Farmers Market and Fairfield Farmers Market. You can also find Antiquity Teahouse products at local boutiques like Sara's House and Miller Street Boutique

Another fun option is to throw your own par-tea! This is a great idea for bridal showers, birthdays, baby showers, dinner parties, or whatever your heart desires. Cass will bring the tea and you and your guests can sit back, enjoy and taste test. There are multiple Par-Tea Packages, so check them out to see which one would best suit you. 

Iced Tea, Antiquity Teahouse

Most of the packages include 40+ tea blends to taste and an interactive experience where Cass will teach you the history of tea, tasting etiquette, and the health benefits— all while you explore and discover different ingredients. 

Antiquity Teahouse

Hand Blended in Hamilton, Ohio

Found at Hamilton Farmers Market & Fairfield Farmers Market

Antiquity Tea, Ohio

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