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Peanut Butter Paradise

There are some things from your childhood you grow out of. When you get enough practice, you take the training wheels off the bike. You remove the tee when you’re ready, and start hitting baseballs out of the park. But, there are some things that are too good to let go.

Peanut butter is a staple of being a kid. From the classic peanut butter and jelly, to ants on a log. A jar of creamy or crunchy was always on hand. To this day if I see the word peanut butter on a menu it gets my attention, and usually makes its way to my table. Take a look at these sweet traditional, and unconventional peanut butter offerings...


Jungle Jim's International Market

Jungle Jim's is the place for all things unique and different from around the world. Step up your pantry game with this peanut butter crafted in the Netherlands. This is just one example of a plethora of peanut butter flavored and filled items that can be found in the Jungle...

Calve Peanut Butter Jungle Jims

Photo - Jungle Jim's International Market


Hyde's Restaurant Inc.

Hyde's is the place for pies. There is a constant rotation of fresh, handmade offerings depending on the day. This means something different and sweet is being served by the slice whenever you stop by. Thursdays have a special meaning, as Peanut Butter Cream Pie is featured for all to enjoy. 


Hyde's Restaurant Menu Logo


Daily Grind & Slice

Why not drink your peanut butter treat? The Daily Grind & Slice is known for its great food and drink options that you can grab on-the-go. The Reese Peanut Butter Specialty Frappe Blast is out of this world. 

Daily Grind and Slice

Photo - Daily Grind & Slice


True West Coffee

True West is known for their coffee, but don't overlook the food. Next time you're getting your caffeine fix try the Nutty Nanner. A peanut butter, granola, banana, and honey sandwich on wheat. Yum!

True West Coffee Stars


Mimi’s Lil' Kitchen

Sometimes something comes into your life that, you instantly know, was meant to be. This Reese’s donut is that in a pastry. Filled with a delicate Reese's cream and topped with candy crumbs. All I can say is yum. 

Mimi's Reese's donut



Bar Del Mar

This beach chic bar and restaurant will transport you to the sun and the sand. Their unique slice of peanut butter pie features an Oreo crust, and is topped with candied peanuts, and strawberry jelly. The future is now, and its quite nutty. 

Bar Del Mar Peanut Butter Pie

 Photo - Bar Del Mar