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    What's Coming Up in the BC

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      Ohio Challenge Hot Air Balloon Festival

      The Middletown hot air balloon festival known as The Ohio Challenge is one of Butler County's most unique festivals. The festival takes place in July...

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      Butler County Fair

      The Butler County Fair in Ohio is the perfect addition to your summer plans! Nothing says summer quite like the arrival of Ohio county fairs...

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      David Shaw's Big River Get Down

      Enjoy a weekend of great music from local and national acts including Butler County locals The Revivalists.


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      Voices of America Country Music Fest

      Experience a gathering of country music's greatest legends for 3 days of live performances in West Chester and celebrate the region's rich history. The Voices...

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    Looking to keep the kids entertained? Seeking epic thrills? Interested in historic landmarks, or simply want an escape from the everyday? Build your own adventure just the way you like it in Butler County. Go ahead, start clicking around. What’s on the top of your list?


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    For every style of shopping experience, Butler County has got you covered. Shopping enthusiasts you will delighted by Butler County’s downtown shopping districts, the unique boutiques, eclectic antique shops, and Liberty Center; a premier shopping, dining, and entertainment destination. Leave some space in your case, you’re going to need it.


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    Experience Butler County’s vibrant art scene to unwind or get inspired. Drive an art cart around Pyramid Hill to take in monumental sculptures and scenery, observe the magnificent works of world-renowned artists at an art museum, or spend the evening gussied up for the theatre. You can further immerse into the arts by making your own masterpiece in a class, taking a selfie in front of a whimsical mural, or by dancing the evening away at a live performance.


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    Creative cuisine and memorable menus are staples of the local dining landscape. Indulge your palate with a sweet or savory foodie experience around Butler County. Fuel up for a weekend adventure with brunch, add pep to your step with a caffeine boost from a cute coffee shop, sample cuisine from around the world, or sip on a new-to-you brew at a local brewery.


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    Turn your wanderlust into a wandermust. There’s no better time than when traveling to immerse yourself in something new, something unique, something adventurous. Jump out of a plane, pour your own custom candle, or watch a movie from the comfort of your car at a classic drive in theatre. Pursue your passions and create a Butler County experience that’s all your own.


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"Any city that has its own Donut Trail is reason enough for us to pack our bags."
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