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Unforgettable Finds

Bring home a piece of Butler County with you!

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Want to remember your trip to Butler County, Ohio? Find treasures by hitting up the local shops to fill your carts and discover your next favorite find. 

Toy Shops

You can never have too many toys and collectibles, right? Step into a whimsical wonderland, a haven of joy and imagination for both children and the young at heart at The Toy Department in Fairfield (pictured below), Oliver's Toy Shop in Hamilton, West Chester Toys, and Junction Hobbies & Toys, both in West Chester. 

The Toy Department, Fairfield Ohio

Mosey between the shelves adorned with stuffed animals of all shapes and sizes and the brightly packaged board games and puzzles, promising hours of entertainment. 

Make a Statement 

Support small local boutiques by purchasing a gift to remember your stay. Fashionistas can shop adorable clothing, jewelry, and home decor at Wildfire Hygge Goods/Home in Hamilton, Iron Rose Mercantile in Middletown, Juniper in Oxford, Miller St. Boutique in Fairfield, and Running on Blooms in Liberty Township (pictured below). 

Running on Blooms, Liberty Center Ohio

Want to send a warm greeting card to your friends and family back home? Head to Scripted Studio in Hamilton to choose between delightful doodads, colorful stationary, gifts and more! 

Treasure Hunt

Are you an old soul who finds enjoyment in collecting vintage treasures for your home or wardrobe? Shop repurposed furniture and decor at Sara's House in Hamilton (pictured below) and Shoppe Small in Middletown. 

For those who have an insatiable curiosity for history and a keen eye for the unique and beautiful, wander through Ohio Valley Antique Mall in Fairfield, West Chester Antique Center, and Venice Pavilion Antiques in Ross Township. From furniture and home decor, to clothing, jewelry, books and collectibles, Butler County's massive antique shops have it all! 

Food & Specialty 

Do you have an enthusiasm for seeking out and devouring diverse, adventurous food? Explore Jungle Jim's International Market in Fairfield (pictured below) and discover 6.5 acres of food all under one roof. Browse over 180,000 products from more than 70 different countries 150 olive oils, 1,200 hot sauces, 1,400 cheeses, 15,000 wines, and then some! It's more than just a grocery store - it's a foodie destination.

Jungle Jim's

Those with an irresistible sweet tooth can find hundreds of candies from gummies to chocolates to lollipops at Henry's Candy Co. in Hamilton, Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop in Middletown, and Ruby's Chocolates in Fairfield Township. If you're craving a saltier snack, check out Nelson's Popcorn Land in Fairfield offering 50+ flavors ranging from sweet and savory to classic and spicy. 


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